FTP Applications

There are OJ versions of WordPress, version one is open or free, which is configured easily by visiting, this you will have a blog in a matter of minutes just to register, create an account and ready you got it configured to start loading your content; the only limitation that has is that not allows you to install additional applications or plug-ins and other additional details that mention more forward, this version of wordpress can prevent it at. The other version and which I recommend particularly is the full version, which in turn also is distributed gratuta which is downloaded at, this is the url of the project as such, to install this version of wordpress you need two plug-ins to be able to publish your blog on the web, the first and most important, is that you need an own domain, preferiblemnte of first level, this can be termination commercial .com or any other like. net, org, including with regional endings of your country, must take into account that your domain will be your brand or personal brading on the internet, considers this point to select when your domain. Source: AOL. Another plug-in and also important to set up your blog in the full version is a web hosting, or well-known as a webhosting, this is my particular recommendation must have three technical aspects, the first is that this must have a minimum of 1000 capacity Mb of disk space (if unlimited long best) the second point is the bandwidth or monthly transfer, you must have good ability to support visits simultaneous, clear to the main not be consume entirely, but we have to be inconvenient because you be successful and generate good content surely will have volume of visits daily and would be a shame that the service was disconnected due to lack of bandwidth transfer monthly, if you get a service with unlimited monthly transfer would be great. In some webhostig Serbs there are autoinstaladores, which are included applications that allow you to install wordpress with just a few clicks, without having to download from the page of wordpress latest version and upload it to the server using FTP, with this application hosting service provides us with of the last updated version. The full version of wordpress, we will have a very professional-looking blog, there are lots of tutorials and videos on youtube with which we can learn easily configure and manage our blog, the other is left to the imagination and creativity of its editors and administrators; There are many additional services we can offer to our supporters with the instalicion of plugins, applications exist for everything, autoresponders, payment modules, trade Manager e, applications for social networks, in the end is very versatile this tool, in my experience as a webmaster and web consultant, I recommend her as the principal strategy at the moment of undertaking any project on the web. Code.org helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Soon publishes a video tutorial which I am preparing, where explain step by step how to setup a wordpress blog from scratch! Similarly I get at your disposal to advise you through your comments on this resource, do not hesitate to ask your questions and concerns with pleasure will answer their questions.