Each time that we hear of CMS content management systems, the term seems to slip us hands. That’s why here will tell you what they are and why they have become important tools for the creation and design of web pages. Basically, a CMS content management system is a set of basic functions under which Web sites are built and therefore save time and resources in the development of these; especially in those who start from scratch. But how do these systems work? As well, when we are going to create a web page, we must determine if the site will be informative nature, commercial (e-commerce), Gallery of images or videos, social networking such as blogs, forums, etc. Once decided this will be known the objectives that it aims to reach and will facilitate the choice of the tools that will be used for the project. The next step is to perform a search of the different features that each one of the CMS to find out if they work under an open source or proprietary. We recommend using a free or open source CMS when it is intended to reduce costs, because everytime we need access to the source code to modify its performance we can do so freely and at the time that you want to. On the other hand, when they are closed source CMS, this freedom is reduced because we rely on someone more than it handles system and therefore its administration requires one higher payment and less own control over it. Why, when you decide to create a web page, it takes into account the type of management system CMS content that requires your page and you best your needs and that of your users, visitors or customers fit.