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Many users of the Global Network comes suddenly, or not, suddenly, the idea to get your own site. And suppose the thought is that does not contain any high demands on yourself site. Just have a desire to do it yourself on any PHP engine, but so that everything in it was clear to most that neither is on the roots. The first impulse, of course, sends the same user on any search engine with a control phrase 'CMS' and gets it on page with a large selection of add on any mood and taste. But the download one, then another, extracting it and looking at its PHP code, if open, the user finds a terrible anguish. Because, as most of the CMS are crammed with all sorts of a bunch of tripe, without the slightest comments, and often quite densely-user to unnecessary.

And he wants not only to press buttons of control, which still does not understand a single day and hour, and a little PHP code poyuzat for their own development. But … no such luck. On the basis of above the arguments presented themselves derive some minimum requirements for PHP CMS for files which could take many-users and the Internet to build your site for amateur purchase a minimum understanding of language PHP. Why CMS for files listed below for details.

PHP CMS code should be minimal and is provided with copious commentary. Often when building a dynamic site in PHP there is a problem understanding some of the search engine dynamic links that are present on the site as its menu, which leads to the absence of a site in their index. Therefore, CMS should be completely free of this disadvantage. Ie links Site must have a static address. The engine should allow to easily change your template, including the possibility of changing to 'fly'. The template should be optimized for the unspoken requirements of search engines. Content pages engine must be placed in regular HTML files, which will enable creating and editing pages in any visual editor, where are easily formed and positioned tables, images, java scripts. The engine must have the ability to easily attach it to any PHP, Java and other scripts as a whole and for each individual page. This is a list of basic requirements that are necessary to modern PHP engine to build not only amateur, but professional sites without sophisticated technology like MySQL and others can be a long time to surf the Internet in search of a PHP CMS soblyudyayutsya some of the above requirements. And you can just go to primary source of this article, and everything will fall into place.