The year 2000 was a manufactured problem that was enlarged more than it really was. The year 2000 was based on early computers did not use four digits. The fear was that you a once llegaramos the year 2000 these loggerhead boxes would interpret that means 1901 or even 0001. A small patch in the software and ready, avoided catastrophe. 2012 is based on an historical anomaly, where the spiritual and the scientific fact coincide. But nobody can actually know when The Earth is ending, right? I can only reply that they are ancient civilizations who thought that they did know. And when modern science internalizing are in those ideas, it makes some of the brightest minds on the planet say Hmmmm, you know, could be also, when our modern calendar, look accurate predictions are mysteriously more precise than you have been able to imagine.

But this Material is in the Bible? and if not is in the Bible, then not is really! who said that it is not in the Bible? That Bible is reading? Because I promise you, is there, and I’ll show you where. UFOs, prophecies of the end of the world, men in black, secret Government conspiracies, is all as Hollywood does? Many think Yes. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Kai-Fu Lee. But today there is no indication that something like that is real strong. And in December 2012? to help you separate fake from the real thing, the the wheat straw, the bone from the meat. But ultimately, I am not going to force him to find an answer.

In the moment in which to enter information that I provide you, you will be able to tell me the answer. Tons of experts assumptions there is on this topic. By you? We need to listen to you? I’m just here to help. I’m not trying to get something from you. I’m not looking for followers. What is about to happen is alarming, and I don’t want that you face in something so large without being prepared. That’s why I’m here. That is why you are here. And I really want to prove that I’m only here to help, so I’m going to do all this 100% risk-free for you. So is!, and here is one of those opportunities that appear only once in the life original author and source of the article