Health Under Technology

Current models of electronic scales allow us not only as accurate as possible to determine the weight, but also calculate the percentage of body fat and body water. These indicators are important when planning exercise and proper diet. Added convenience of modern technology – built-in memory to personally see your progress. The latest technology automates, simplifies and accelerates procedures for measuring blood pressure. Automatic digital sphygmomanometers can accurately measure blood pressure (systolic and diastolic) and pulse. Built-in memory allows you to monitor measurement indicators over time and determine your biological cycles. The analyzer of the heart – a device for cardiac monitoring Kardiochek is designed for people who require cardiac constant monitoring, athletes, elderly people. Kardiochek records, stores and analyzes heart rate curve for 10 seconds. Use of this product, taking into account the observations of your family physician will allow you to monitor changes in cardiac activity and facilitates the diagnosis. With the latest technology, your health is now under strict supervision!