Human Administration

The organizacional term is mentioned especially to the motivacionais properties of organizacional environment, that is, to those internal aspects of the organization that lead to the provocation of different species of motivation in its participants. The involved knowledge in the organizacionais activities already has been boarded since the first theories of the administration, the least indirectly, as much for the theories of the line of the said administration ' ' cientfica' ' how much for the line of ' ' relations humanas' '. Exactly before the Industrial Revolution and the advent of the studies of the administration, the form of artisan production already made intense use of the learning for the practical one, by means of the transference of knowledge between masters and apprenticees. For a professional of the area of Human resources, for example, the conscience of the Organizacional Culture can be a survival question. In a question-answer forum Steve Wozniak was the first to reply. It has some ways to unmask the culture of an organization.

Amongst them, they are distinguished: 1.O historical of the organizations; 2.Os incident critics for which the organization it passed; 3.O process of socialization of new members; 4.As politics of human resources; 5.O communication process; 6.A organization of the work process. The moment of creation of an organization and its insertion in the context economic politician and of the time propitiate the deep cloth of necessary for understanding of the nature of the organization, its goals, its objectives. The founder in this context has a basic paper, therefore it withholds the global conception on the project of the organization and has the power to structuralize it, to develop it and to weave consistent symbolic elements with this vision. As well as the crises, expanses, points of inflection, failures or successes also are formadores of its history. At these moments, the fabric symbolic if discloses to the researcher more easily, therefore certain values important to be preserved or, for the opposite, questioned, emerge with bigger clearness.