Industrial Relations

Questions such as: What is being done regarding the development and protection of human resource? What is the current organizational climate prevailing in organizations, especially in the Centre Region that we compete in the East and other areas? What new paradigms, national models were created based on the optimization of human resources and national technology? What kind of social audit are being made in organizations? How universities are collaborating in the training and development of human resources required by the labor market?, Among others. Weiss reminds us, it is known that the labor market, employment, even during periods of high unemployment, can not always respond quickly to the labor needs of the company, if only because of specific skills require major investments in training. The company must manage their human resources, particularly through management policies that provide personal development of each, in addition to being vigilant in control of a good social audit. Thus, says Weiss, we have developed two measures of forward management person, as we looked at the man as a person, trying to continue to provide their itinerary, or as referred to men as sectoral or global level and worry of developing a professional population. Regarding the latter, have been insisting on the University of Carabobo our case, especially for the School of Management, Industrial Relations, and of course, for graduate studies in management sciences, specifically in the specialty of Quality and Productivity, provide modern knowledge, to date, allowing human resource management to take more seriously the needs of the Venezuelan worker, sensitivity, growth, training, organizational culture, ergonomics and quality of life. Hence, our continued insistence on conducting research to give information which is the current reality of human resources in organizations, their achievements, obstacles, their social audit.

We should not be surprising that current, that whatever the value of internal strategies (choice of policies, goals and main objectives and the allocation of the major Enterprise Resource Action Programme), the efficient operation of the pilot system established social conditions the company’s success in achieving their projects, as in the university. We should also not surprising that the ultimate responsibility for the organization, as Weiss suggests, can be everywhere. Thus, by analogy with the role of accounting and financial audit, has been emerging from a decade ago, a new feature on the social audit, ie the pilot social audit of any organization. The role of social audit should be carried out continually and continuously, it is according to experts, a privileged observatory of the development of organizations, ie better management of complex man / organization, an aspect that has significantly neglected. Consider that just, the auditor must be a true agent for improving the management of complex man / organization, working with available resources, striving to make progress, be competent professional that you place over the heads of the services that are audited. Familiarity with the company and to capitalize on the trust factor essential to the success of his mission, and efficient methods have induced some authority existing psychological distance in front of an ambassador unknown, not to be influenced or manipulated by the interest of some higher of the company. We must not pass unnoticed that the efficiency of group behavior at the stage of progression towards its objectives, requires the optimization of synergies and reducing the effects of antagonism. Be aware of the need to use its social audit, simply do not neglect it!