International Labour Organization

Sustainability with strong social commitment as Botschaterin for Fairtrade cotton supports Elischeba Wilde, presenter, model and most beautiful wife of in Germany (Mrs. Germany 2009) starting immediately the young textile start-up company Caleb BBs Hill. Together, they want to make Europe better known home furnishings organic cotton and fair trade, combined with social engagement. “Elischeba Wilde is the topic of fair trade”, sustainability”and sustainability” and “social commitment” to the heart. Therefore it deals for years with fair trade, sustainable products and engages in social projects as well as Ambassador for Fairtrade cotton. Caleb BBs Hill – home textiles fair, sustainable and ecologically towels, bath towels, bath mats and other home textiles belong to the assortment of Caleb BBs Hill.

But Caleb’s Hill is different. Founded by Andre Hintsches and Ruben m Gerber with the desire to offer home textiles without exploit people or the environment, Caleb’s Hill are other ways. Caleb’s Hill wants to act on the marketplace so that as many people benefit. This intention is reflected in the fair and transparent dealing with suppliers, customers and partners and at the 1zu1 ‘aid projects cons. In an environment with high competitive pressure and strong profit motive, this attitude makes Caleb’s Hill to a particular company. This feature is reflected in the company name.

“The name of Caleb’s Hill” is based on a story from the Bible: in addition to Joshua, the young Caleb is the only one who believes in a successful revenue after the exploration of the promised land in spite of adverse circumstances. Organic cotton Caleb BBs Hill used for all products excluding cotton from controlled organic cultivation (k.b.A.). The used cotton is certified according to the international guidelines of the GOTS. Global textile standard (GOTS) exists since 2005 and includes in addition to the labour standards of the International Labour Organization (ILO) rules organic which treat organic fibers and environmentally friendly manufacture of textiles.