Internet Marketing Workshop

developed for the Internet marketing. The offer is aimed especially at entrepreneur and owner-managed businesses. According to BITKOM, 59% of Germans in the Internet shopping around. On average, the German user is active around 135 minutes on the Web. Depending on the educational attainment is higher, the longer the user on the Internet can be found. The majority of Internet users is active at least in a social network. There are photos uploaded, written comments, tips and criticism. Our customers purchasing decisions are strongly influenced by recommendations.

We should seize the chance, not only in the real world, but especially in the virtual world to participate in opinion-forming and involving our customers as a designer”, advises Tanja Ebbing, economic graduate business administration (VWA) where else we can 24 hours around the world for our products advertise every day countless multipliers? The consultant Tanja Ebbing has an 18 year-old experience and has even a successful Internet marketing, because up to 70% of its new customers are on the Internet. She offers consultations and workshops especially for entrepreneur and owner-run company since recently E-commerce. The optimization of a website is based here. Then strategies of Internet marketing become the requirement profile of the customers according to individual customer acquisition and customer loyalty developed that are almost free of charge to implement. Tanja Ebbing conducts these consultations on behalf of the RKW Hessen. In this respect company headquartered in Hesse may apply for maximum 2.000,–euro in grants up to five days of consultant.