It Cares For The Ends Of Your Hair

Girls, the constant use of appliances for styling as the dryer and iron are able to mistreat the ends of the hair. To give them strength and prevent the terrible orzuela, mix 2 teaspoons of honey with 2 tablespoons of olive oil and 1 teaspoon of vinegar, gently spread at tips and lava in 5 minutes. Remember to do it once a week to look after them. This repeated it on all sides and it is the truth! Yo me super identify with this! Definitely the hare part of my daily life.Don’t worry be happy!It is easier to enjoy yourself well that bad and only you can choose what to spend your energy: in a good laugh because you fall in the most funny thing and you chorreaste coffee (or as a me, a friend I throw a piece of avocado in my boot’s plush haha) or in a big tantrum because you did the worst of bears. Samsung often addresses the matter in his writings. More fan I know your fan!First thing first is that you believe it.

That is, if you yourself feel you’re interesting, beautiful, intelligent and other girl, you become just that! Eye, not to be confused the believe you much with just know who you are.Forget about comparisons.You’re single, ever will be similar to the protagonist of the film more cool season or anyone more. And that’s good, because you have thousand qualities and virtues that distinguish you from the others. Appreciates the good things you have.If you analyze how many good things you have in your life, you will notice that many are compared from the bad. People who want to be in your place and have all that there are lots of your have, both your family and your space, your food, all! Forget of the what say?Many times we stop to say or do things for fear that us judge or think badly of us but everyone who is free to do what you want! Just be yourself! Say what you think and what you feel, do what suits you and what makes you happy.Don’t worry about the past or the future.Well, the past, the past is! Not because you’re worrying that things are going to change, all comment errors! And about the future still fails! Live your present, have what you appropriate and esfuerzate so you can meet your goals! VALORATE! Original author and source of the article