Italian Technique

Itlyanskaya machinery and construction technologies deserve great attention from those looking for quality products and equipment for long-lasting, and most importantly stylish and original construction projects. Not We will not go into details, but you'll have to write (and you read), as the saying goes' to the loss of pulse. " Specifically, working with the best Italian companies in the construction and repair. Can offer to supply in Russia and the CIS any goods from Italy, at the price of the manufacturer, and even at a discount. Are you interested? Well if not, then you can stop reading. And to understand and to appreciate the quality of people, we can say the following: contact us because we are in Italy, we are an Italian company put the best Italian products. Warranty made in Italy.

For example, the tower cranes. They are very much in the Russian market, offers weight. Whom to choose? Whom to believe? Professionals, of course! Our company can offer you the tower cranes for building construction, as well as for low-rise building directly from the leader of the Italian crane construction RAIMONDI. This is the first in Europe producer, who offered the cranes 'flat top', that is, flat top, topless. It is a leader because the brand has long recognized and RAIMONDI preferred in many countries, including Russia. Raimondi technique works on the most prestigious objects of the world: Dubai, Milan, Istanbul, Monte Carlo, Sochi, Moscow.

Our company will offer you the best possible terms, any Italian products and Italian equipment. We work directly with factories, no middlemen. Our commission pays the supplier. You pay a real price for a quality Italian goods. What else do you need? Sincerely, your agent in Italy