To greater number of unique pages with unique product information, more pages we are positioning in the finders. Many users of the finders phrases write such as " to buy printer for photographies marks XXX" or " printers of red mark YYY model 1030". Concerning programming so that a card of a product is unique it tries to write up the label " title" and the label " description" of each one of the pages of the card of the product of different form. Each page must have these labels with an independent writing. 2) It tries to maintain ample assorted of products published in the vestibule To show few products in our vestibule generates the weakness, on the one hand, to compete with few pages in the finders and on the other hand, causing the same effect that when we go to a commercial center just inaugurated and we see that only half of the premises is open. It does not cause to us to return to visit it. Asegrese that its vestibule maintains a great amount of published product pages to generate the interest to repeat the visit.

3) It does not construct his product card page with MGP-ups A frequent error in the virtual stores consists of programming the information of card of the product through a page in format MGP-up, that is to say, a page that is abre in new window by means of the invocation of an instruction programmed with Javascript. Normally she is technical persecutes that the users of the vestibule can compare several products at the same time. Nevertheless, at present the motors search cannot index the pages with format of MGP-ups. Since the programming of the MGP-ups is generated through a connection Javascript, robots of the finders cannot follow this type of connections. The recommendation to follow is that each product card page is an independent page HTML with their own individual direction or URL.