Jessica Valentine

For the increase in sales prices a product was an in-between between bicycle, Scooter and moped, just on the electric base primarily responsible. The bicycle industry has to wait on a new mega-trend. The E-bike with all of its advantages is the best way. It incorporates significant consumer trends shaping our society and control the current consumption. The bike has a very high value similar to in the neighbouring countries of Holland and Denmark in Germany now. Being one with growth rates of the most popular means of transport, which entail certain tasks for the local authorities.

A comfortable and safe transport infrastructure of the requirement will be for a further increase in the share of cycling traffic. This applies to safe cycling as safe parking facilities for bicycles, and increasingly also for E-bikes. The bicycle market is going gangbusters, only manufacturers such as trade also need to work on the awareness and finally a better brand policy set. Often, only the brand Kettler falls consumers in connection with the bicycle production. And you know that Yes in the first place also in other fields of industry. Kettler, Hercules and Pegasus are German consumers primarily known. Kettler achieved at the spontaneous first naming of a brand or a manufacturer’s 14% of the expulsions, Hercules 10% and Pegasus 6%. Dealers sing praises on the performances of the manufacturer in the various interviews and reviews by associations and also of professional newspapers.

Their quality, which undoubtedly have it, is not so properly brought closer but end users. Once again, the bbw marketing consumer analysis indicate that consumers on the purchase of bicycles on many things but not necessarily pay attention to the brand. But also not surprising for so many different brands. On the other hand, the position of retailers this is not really threatened. The position of the trade in other sectors decreases significantly, so the bike trade market can be rather one enjoy greater favor with consumers. The reason lies in the advice intensity of purchase of good bikes. It is a fact that will limit the growth of the Internet and the other competing distribution anymore in this market. But one should not underestimate the possibilities of the Internet. As an information platform, the Internet also at local bicycle shops already plays a prominent role. The customers are looking for information from the dealer, but also often held an advance information via the Internet. The table is good for the bicycle trade, now must only be eaten!