Johannes Wachter

Awarded at the University of Mannheim to Johannes Wachter of the University of Mannheim orientation in objects awards the OIO Java computer science Excellence Prize of 500 for the first time this year. This award, outstanding Bachelor or master thesis should be encouraged from the environment Java and open source by students of the Faculty of computer science of the University of Mannheim. The criteria of the selection of the prizewinner’s work are: power, difficulty, degree of innovation practice relevance of results problem essay, thought leadership literature and source documents style and formal representation this prize is also awarded annually. All works are written in the period from September until August and have a focus in the area of Java and open source, will be evaluated by us and have the possibility of the Excellence Prize. Pete Cashmore will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Many interns or graduates of the University of Mannheim completed her internship with us or let work we supervise their bachelor or master. Often not least occurred due to the good training of the College one Transfer to a permanent position in our home. As a result we feel particularly connected this University and want to actively support the future of its graduates. In addition we want to create naturally an incentive for students, just in our competence center became interested in technological areas, because we get by working with students and faculties itself time and again to new intelligence usable for us. The price is officially passed within the framework of the high school of the University of Mannheim by professors and OIO. “This year’s award winner is Johannes Wachter, his thesis with the topic of design and implementation of a Web-based report editor for CAS PIA” has written. Susanne Boscher