Language Learning Techniques

Many people think, how many, what is difficult or complex to learn several languages and be specified in a language that is not native. History has not a few people who have owned dozens of languages. They are currently also exist, but every man for himself understands that just because it is not given. In order to learn at least one language, a person has a choice of how to do it (learn independently or with a tutor), none of the options is not excluded, for example, take the English language. In the world there is a perception that it is almost not an easy language! But, still the world remains a lot of people who do not know him. Also, to own something perfectly, you need deep study, and this is sometimes not everyone is given a home study.

There are techniques by which one can learn English, most importantly choose the right one. At the end of xx century. in Russia there was a 'revolution' in the teaching methods English. Previously, all without exception, enjoyed the "old school", the study of grammar, to the mechanical mastery, reading and literary translation. Currently, all simplified with the study of foreign languages. Now many are not interested in theory, no history of language. Foreign languages, especially English, are required only functional for use in different spheres of life. In the modern teaching methods foreign language in the priority gets freedom of choice necessary to achieve the result of "academic freedom".

To replace the "master dictator" came to the teacher-observer, the teacher-'umirotvoritel 'and head' Consequently, a question – what is the content of the course, its structure and methods of teaching? Progress and fundamental changes in the methods of language learning, no doubt linked to innovations in the field of personality psychology and group. Now being felt significant changes in people's minds and develop new ways of thinking: there is proclaimed Maslow need for self-actualization and fulfillment. The psychological factor of learning foreign languages comes to the leading positions. Authenticity of communication, suspended claims or demands, mutual benefit, respect for freedom of other people – that's a set of unwritten rules build a constructive relationship in the 'teacher-pupil'. Still been significantly, no one knows how many languages can be mastered by man. Know only one: throughout human history there were people who could speak not only in their native language, but in a different degree possessed a large number of foreign languages. Language is the primary means of communication, but according to American psychologists, happy person is one who knows how to build communication.