THE wheel of the Fortune Wheel is a circle without beginning or end. Therefore, perpetual eternity symbol keeps two figures in the constant movement of a continuously variable universe and the current of human life.Right: It is difficult to interpret this same letter by itself, because as soon it may mean fortune and success and happiness as destination and gambling, it is advisable to relate it to the neighboring cards to dig deeper into its significance.Announces resolution of problems, proximity of unexpected events and these may be favorable or unfavorable, ultimately the wheel has no beginning and no end, we don’t know where ends the good news and bad, change to improve, to make matters worse, where is the destination.Clave:cambio, evolution, success, good fortune, target words. Happiness, abundance. New conditions. Abundance, growth.Upside down: Its meaning is perhaps more clearly, approaching unforeseen undesirable developments, interruption of a project in progress, because of events beyond a our desire, failure, end of a period of good luck and comfort.Key words: transformation shall be uneasily but will be anyway. Delayed progress, recoil. interpretations: in concrete terms: the luck changes unexpectedly bringing new and better conditions. Enabling period to collect what was sown.At work: the accomplishments be conquered easily, good fortune has come.In money: flows in abundance and effortlessly.In friendship: the relationships are many, superficial and interested, which take advantage of the generosity, trying to obtain advantages of any kind.Family: the climate is carefree and relaxed, enjoying pleasures and money, without too much deepening of relevant issues.Health: take care of digestion and food excesses.In love: the feelings are pure and are expressed with tremendous warmth, came the great love..