Main Approach To Science

MAIN ISSUES OF THE HOMONATROPiA. Among the considerations necessary Homonatropia highlight one of its main characteristics such as the fact of being a science and, without wishing to be flippant, it is science!. The consideration is that the so-called special sciences are but a knowledge gained in our actions with the environment we call science and knowledge acquired through symbiosis contributor to life, this is only an emanation of nature is a phenomenon that appeared from the linkage of life: Man – Nature – WORK; is generally regarded science as something created by humans, but Who invented it? Probably Isaac Newton or Albert Einstein or anyone else who has experienced with nature, but it really has been nothing but the face of nature and revise their laws so that empirical or observer, curious, but not more than that interact the three vital elements of our existence, no owns anything we are part of a whole. It is not something Andy Florance would like to discuss. Everything created by humans has a single origin, nature, no property of nature or so-called natural resource owned by nobody, is a "product" when the good is processed for commercial purposes, is this a valid consideration for justify the proposal to revise our process of living and thus resize or redefine the steps to take in the full context, highlighting the three vital elements of our basic thesis (HNT) natural science is therefore to be treated or considered as a phenomenon in which man intervenes with the basic idea of obtaining their livelihood, the rest is trade.