The time is constant. Goes down second by second and nothing can do will prevent this. Time is a great equalizer. No matter who or what your position is, anyway will have the same amount of time each day, and that is exactly the same amount of time everyone else have. It doesn’t matter if they count as twenty-four hours, one thousand four hundred sixty minutes, or eighty to six thousand four hundred seconds. It will always be the same.

But you can handle it, and that’s what time management is really. Management itself and the events that fill the hours you have, are the basis for all time management books.There are many strategies, techniques and tools to help a person get out of good and all help in self-management.The principle of self-management is consciously controlling his life and the events of his life rather than be controlled by his environment. An important way to manage your time is prioritize and control the events in your life. There is an old story about a teacher who takes out a bottle and filled with large rocks until they fit no more. Then she asked the class if the jar was full and the class responded yes. He then proceeded to take small rocks and release them to fill some of the cracks between the larger stones. Then he asked the class if the jar was full. Now a little hesitant, replied the class than probably not.

The Professor smiled and pulled out a bag of sand and poured it around the large and small rocks. Then he asked the class if I was full. The class responded with great confidence that if. The teacher then took a water jug and he poured it into the vial until she was finally completely filled. This story perfectly illustrates the priority. Large stones are the highest, its priority themes.It is easy to fill the day with water, or tasks of low priority, and never get to the most important things in his life. You must prioritize how will spend its time and highlight the most important things in the first place.