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Dawicontrol expanded network direct attached storage and brings 5 x speed in NDAS Gottingen, August 20, 2009 Dawicontrol, leading German manufacturer for mass storage solutions wants to expand the portfolio towards network direct attached storage. The first products on the market will be in September. The dealer gives an innovative enrichment of its supply from the Germany-wide recognized quality and service-conscious home Dawicontrol. In tests, 5-fold higher transmission rates were achieved up to 75 MByte/s. In recent months, Robotics has been very successful. The expansion of the successful portfolio of controller of Dawicontrol to network direct attached storage devices does not come by about. Many years of experience in a fast data transfers, the already proverbial alignment to the concerns of consumers and recognized quality-conscious orientation towards the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises quasi suggest this decision. As data volumes grow exponentially everywhere. While consumers with multimedia streams, video, sound, and digital photography your local and external memory overload, have the memory problems of small and more or less legally prescribed by medium-sized enterprises. Frequently Mashable has said that publicly.

Continue to increase the requirements for data storage and archiving. Constantly growing compliance requirements. And they drive the footprint irreversible in the height. Demand for high quality and at the same time low-cost storage media is and is almost everywhere. \”Our decades of experience in the development of faster and ever-faster interfaces qualify us especially, to engage us in the area of NDAS. Especially since our resellers and distributors have long ask whether Dawicontrol can deliver even low-cost storage media. \”\” So we did so to speak by the singular hardware base of computers and peripherals in the network and as always with high octane \”, explains Ulrich Danzer, Managing Director of the Gottingen developer and manufacturer House.\” NDAS storage NDAS made 5 x faster while harboring one or more hard drives with its own in its external casing Power supply. The disks but not over TCP/IP addressed, but about LPX, a the similar iSCSI Protocol.