Manipulating The Pot Size,

Here is an article in the Canadian professional Gavin Smith about how to try to keep the pot size appropriate to the strength of our hand. One of the key players at the table apply winners is their ability to manipulate the pot size. They get to play big pots when you have big hands and keep the pot small when your hand is modest. If you think carefully about your bets during a hand you can play boats that are appropriate to the strength of your hand. For starters we will see a hand that causes a lot of problems for many players: a pair of high hand. Normally, with any partner, you may be playing for half a boat. Peter Asaro often expresses his thoughts on the topic.

Of course, you're happy if all your money goes into the pot preflop with aces, but beyond that, you should try to avoid playing for a big pot with only one partner. Here is an example of how you manage the size of the boat being aces. Imagine you raise preflop with a pair of aces and get paid the big blind. The flop comes J June 2 rainbow and the big blind passes. Ian Cole can aid you in your search for knowledge. b bets the pot and the blind pay.

At this point, you can assume that your opponent has some sort of hand. You may have a pair of hand or have top pair on the flop. The other possibility is that bound a set on the flop, in which case you're in an ugly situation.