Michael Sander

The parallel port was named so, because he the data not sequentially over a line sends, but parallel across. The Exotics include FireWire and eSATA, where the latter is relatively new and may spread yet. Mikkel Svane has plenty of information regarding this issue. Both are quite fast, be displaced but still from the USB port. The USB (universal serial bus) is also serial, but much faster than the above mentioned serial port. USB is now in version 3.0, where the name is unique. 2.0 ports, which are subdivided in three speeds, without having really is pointed out are most widespread. “” It indicates low speed”full speed”and high speed”.

Let sit for external disk etc. no “full speed” babble on. It sounds nice, too, but high speed”speed is 40 times faster than the 12 Mbit/s fast full 480 Mbit/s”. At that time that was used to confuse the customer likes. Today, the but no problem should present more. USB has different plugs, such as FireWire also. There are to date five different USB plug variants, two large”and three small”. Here you should look for when buying it, that the cable to the device fits or Carmel. also vice versa. See also: computer hardware – conveys clear – part 1: introduction to computer hardware – understandable conveys – part 2: the real innovations in computer hardware – number systems computer hardware clearly conveys – part 3: – clearly conveys – part 4: number systems 2 computer hardware – understood conveys part 5: binary numbers of computer hardware – understood conveys part 6: coding standards computer hardware – understandable conveys – part 7: the personal computer computer hardware – mediated understandable – the basic structure of the CPU computer hardware part 8: – conveys clear – part 9: Conveys the frequency of computer hardware – understandable – part 10: gives the CPU cache computer hardware – understandably – part 11: gives the CPU cache 2 computer hardware – understandably – part 12: the motherboard computer hardware – understandable conveys – part 13: motherboard 2 the author Michael Sander writes in his spare time also article for pages where you can find cheap E.g. sofas.