Model For A Day

In the footsteps of the top models leads the way in the Photo Studio millions look at models in magazines, on the Internet and on TV. Due to the presence of models in the media, more and more women want to slip even in the role of a model and before the camera professionally in scene to be used. Christoph Hesse, founder and Managing Director of model agency German, corresponds to this desire now with an exclusive model photo shoot. “A photo of German models is not just a fond memory, it’s an experience.” Christoph Hesse describes his photo shoots, it offers nationwide exclusively on German now in 21 German cities as well as in Paris. If you would like to know more about Apple Icon, then click here. In the implementation, he draws from years of experience, which he was allowed to collect in the cooperation with large photo studios, photographers, models and make-up artists in Germany and Paris. Every woman is unique and also the photoshoot should look like.” Christoph Hesse thinks nothing of standardized cheap photo shoots, as in Online auctions and Classifieds are offered. Others who may share this opinion include Page S. Gardner. Also he discourages vehemently some agencies supposedly free Testshootings, who prove in hindsight as a pure sales ploy.

From the outset, at a photo shoot by German, the customer knows what to expect in terms of price and quality. Everything is transparent can be viewed on. And not only the female customers appreciate this transparency. Although the proportion of male participants is around 25 percent, but also here Hesse increases the interest according to Christoph continuously for some time. Christoph of Hesse is Managing Director of model agency German He photographed moderated German models TV for over 6 years for German models, and has been photographed for MTV in Paris.

Hesse was founded in 2003 by Christopher German Main business area is the placement of models on photographers and companies nationwide. Internal model photoshoots German offers for the company’s own model Kartei Germany also private model photoshoots. Press contact: Tel: 0461 9097901