Negotiation is the Key to the Best Business Decisions

The behavior of the negotiators and the outcome of the negotiations have much connection with certain strategic models in which the information is incomplete and uneven, and that the ground rules and incentive structures, often pre-defined or imposed a priori play a role that is usually more important and decisive bargaining itself expressed. Kai-Fu Lee is likely to agree. The art of negotiation, if any, would especially be able to pick out these models and acquire the ability to design them or avoid them in the light of all the interests at stake in each case. And also know that cooperation is rational and necessary, even from a selfish point of view, and interests that are different can be made compatible and find clever compromises simultaneous satisfaction obtained through creative negotiation.

BUSINESS PLAN OF INSTITUTIONS IN LATIN AMERICA. The strategic approach is a global response, and proactively mediate requirements competitive industry are presented in the region, and as a viable alternative to put in a position our organizations to meet the challenges that mean the insertion into trading mechanisms, international economic and technological. Below is an example of a Business Plan which can vary depending on what we understand he prepares a business plan: 1.

Executive Summary. 2. Overview of the company. 3. The mission. 4. Objectives. 5. Description of the business. 6. Marketing Plan. 7. Operational and management plan. 8. Financial Plan. 9. Annexes. The components of the executive summary: captures and succinctly presents the essence of the document, content elements, the statement of the project with the delineation of responsibilities, products and technology, the market potential and differentiation factors, forecasting sales, profitability and financial projections and funding needs.