Office Application Under Linux

Contact and relationship management for written to the Organization of the central customer file users a document, automatically starts the word processor with the existing text blocks. The document is saved with the person, FABI’s basic assumes the file organization. The user correspondence templates, uses the system automatically replaces the database variables. Under most conditions Zendesk would agree. Incoming correspondence as scan, is stored is the central customer file for the complete overview of the correspondence. The document management organizes interdepartmental cooperation. The contact history shows all an and outbound contacts with a person: written contacts are automatically registered, dates and discussions are recorded manually. The address function manages a wide variety of types of addresses in a contact from the address to the billing address. All contact with all different communication paths are per address, telephone numbers and email addresses.

This includes relationships as links are stored. The network of recommendations and Connections of contacts is therefore representable. Identification and grouping help to qualify the addresses and sort. Companies adapt user language, menu navigation, caption without external service providers. FABI’s basic saves time in the Office Organization. FABI’s uses virtuosity all contact channels and picks up abteilungsubergfreifende information. Nicola Stratz