Human talent is comprised of people that the greater part of their lives dedicated to the organizations in which they operate. These organizations cannot process your products or services without the collaboration of the human talent. Regardless of the type of organization or your business name, require persons to reach the goals that have been established, therefore, organizations and people rely on each other to survive, then creates a system that is going to vary from organisation organization and human talent that integrate it. Nowadays people are seen as partners or collaborators of the organizations, with the vision and mission lead them to success and excellence. The reciprocity between the human talent and the organization is achieved with economic incentives, independence in their work and in being active people in the decisions that can take against the activities that develop.

Also depending on the socio-economic package that benefits to the staff, they will have a greater identification with the company and its climate organizational. The interrelationship between Organization and human talent is seen as a system that allows addressing way contingency different situations that will pass through the organization. From this perspective we can distinguish internal and external environmental factors in a comprehensive manner and the processes that constitute it. The integral system of human talent is formed in the following way:-social behavior, from the viewpoint of organizational behavior, takes the social level as a reparse point. -Organizational behavior; from the viewpoint of individual behaviour, this shows the Organization as a whole that interacts with the environment. -Individual behaviour; from the viewpoint of human nature, it contextualizes human motivation, learning, and human behavior. The appointed levels, sometimes overlap, because there are aspects that are common to all.

The interaction between Organization and human talent, acquires amplitude and dynamism. Organizations with futuristic vision have a concept of treating the human talent in an open and comprehensive, allowing each of its collaborators personal growth and professional development. Another prominent feature of modern organizations, is the way to face great changes and transformations, economic, social, technological, cultural, etc, facing the world, which are becoming more rapid and unpredictable, as well as adapting these transformations to its organizational structure.