Other Uses Of Internet

Most of the people uses the internet as a means of communication and searching for information, and they are currently acquiring much popularity social networks like facebook or myspace. But you know that you can also use internet and social networks to make money? For example, it is possible to earn money on facebook by publishing and sharing interesting things with your friends. Imagine making money thanks to the time you spend on facebook! How do much would have earned so far if get paid for being on facebook? On the other hand, it is also possible to make money online using pages that pay per view advertising as Beruby, which it shares with its users the benefits that derive from advertisers, or SumClicks, which sends advertising emails and pay you a certain amount for it. This type of companies charged to advertisers by advertising and share a percentage of the revenue with users, who are the end recipients of advertising. As you can see, in addition to the usual use of the Internet, there are others, fully compatible with your daily activity on the network, It can generate you some benefits. They are not logically to make rich or live it, but everyone comes well extra income, no?