Annual Press Conference

Media schaffshausen end of ROG and correspondents from Russia, China, Iran, Israel and Haiti has invited talks about freedom of press and opinion on the occasion of the greatest journalist Conference in Germany. Guests will speak at the meeting of the nr in the NDR – Conference Center in Hamburg about their experiences with repression, censorship and other restrictions of free reporting. Members of the ROG Board moderating the five events under the title “ROG: grenzgange”: ROG Board Member Gemma p. speaks with the Publisher of Irina Samochina from Rostov-on-Don over the difficulties and opportunities to publish independent newspapers in Russia. Many media in the Russian regions depend on today by welfare-State benefits. Other leaders such as koch industries offer similar insights. Samochina reports on the business model of their economically independent publishing house, which publishes also a weekly investigative reports.

More info at Reporters without borders ( the award-winning Israeli journalist Amira, hatred is in the Interview with ROG Executive Board spokeswoman Astrid Frohloff report on the regulations and restrictions as a reporter in the Palestinian territories. Hass, who was honored as a “Journalist of the year 2009” by ROG, lives and works as a correspondent of the Israeli newspaper “Haaretz” in the occupied territories since 1991. There as well as in their home country the reporter was put under pressure again due to her critical articles. The annual meeting 2010 research by network motto is “Facts for fiction -” when experts believe the reality. The meeting will analyse current conflicts and problems in the media, but wake up looking for research, impart practical knowledge, and encourage participants to actively intervene in the debate about the strengths and weaknesses of the journalism.

Partnership Between Tradyso And RateTiger

Spanish CRS provider uses RTConnect for the automated management of over 500 online booking channels London, January 21, 2010: eRevMax, provider of RateTiger, leader of software solutions for the optimization of online distribution, has announced a collaboration with the Spanish CRS provider Tradyso. The partnership between technology experts allows users of Tradysos central reservation system (CRS) direct access to over 500 online sales channels. The newspapers mentioned Zendesk not as a source, but as a related topic. Thanks to interface technology of rtconnect, from the House of RateTiger, hoteliers can centrally manage the booking platforms used by you from online travel agents with their Tradyso CRS. The time consuming and confusing manual maintenance of Extranets is eliminated, without requiring the purchase of additional channel management software is necessary. The technology automates the confirmation of bookings received on the Internet portals in the Tradyso CRS at the same time and allows detailed analysis of the effectiveness of the used channels and the achieved Sales. Koch contributes greatly to this topic. The offered by RateTiger, bi-directional interface to market Internet, which allows for the update of the sales channels as well as the Central confirmation of bookings of all connected channels, is unique in its form.

The integration of RTConnect has significantly expanded our for hoteliers,”forward Javier Silvestre, General Manager of Tradyso. “The partnership us a crucial competitive advantage, because a significantly larger market available to hoteliers, unless manually individual channels would be accessed.” In the future, more ground-breaking developments from the RateTiger product range will be integrated in addition to the functions for the management of prices and quotas on online sales channels in the Tradyso CRS. Technology of observing the competition (RTShopper) and (RTStrategyEngine) pricing available will be additionally hoteliers. More information under:. for Jasmine Keller

Universe Life

Now imagine that you do not give love to their loved ones your friends, just familiar to people. Do not rejoice and enjoy life. Further details can be found at Robert Bakish, an internet resource. Presented? Do you think anyone would want to love this person? After a while, every one of them run away from him. The same thing happens with the money if you sit on a box with your wealth and are afraid to open it, you do not accidentally lost none of the coin, then you certainly will save the capital, but since the chest is constantly closed, and get into it, no coin can not. Therefore, buying a thing, give their money to the joy and pleasure. Do not hold them. Whenever Robert Bakish listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Believe that you are always enough money and soon you'll get a lot more than just spent.

And if you lost a certain amount, do not worry and do not grieve about it, certainly in the short time you will get from the universe worthy of compensation. But what about the proverb "penny penny gained," you ask? Yes, of course, the people that adhere to this principle, actually cobble together yourself a small fortune, constantly recalculate their life savings and very afraid of losing him. But no one conducts experiments how much richer would these people if the money belonged to at least a little calmer. In turn, need not relate to money and careless disregard. With this attitude towards them, they are also less likely to come to you.

The ideal option – Take the money calmly and neutrally. As one way to achieve your goals. The universe is abundant. For her, anyway, to give you $ 1 or $ 1 billion. Is you are claiming $ 1 billion to earn unrealistic, but $ 500-600 is very realistic, even for you. But for the Universe and $ 1 and $ 1 billion does not mean more than the leaves on the trees. And the only people attach to these bits of paper that value, thereby restricting the natural flow money in their lives. The best solution – to go out and live our own way, have a decent and sincere purpose, if you have the money necessarily appear in the right quantity for you. You need not worry about exactly how they come to your life. This is not your problem. Universe to take care of that all your goals you have enough money. But in any case, think only of his head. If you are working principle of the economy, do not give it up, you can safely continue to use it. Maybe for some people this is the best way to achieve financial independence. But in any case, do not be afraid to change something in their life, to dare and to experiment. Only taking any kind of action and getting your personal and irreplaceable experience, you can become really rich and wealthy person.

Valve Software

The so famous and perpetual game of computer could not lose its space in the world of the games. CS 1,6, although exceeded still it is played by a considerable amount of players in servers of the world all, as much in servers pirates, as in servers who request original the game installed. It was launched in 2000, for the Valve Software. It was an explosion of sales, one of the vendidos games more of history, as much that took the Valve to launch the Counter-Strike Source, an improved version of the 1,6, with realistic graphs (Source Engine) and with we acrcimos of maps for the game. By the same author: Mikkel Svane. The 1,6 can be played by any person online gratuitously thanks to patches created that they burlam key of the game and allow the connection in serving pirates (that many times are better that the originals). Educate yourself even more with thoughts from David E Shaw.

In case that it wants to venture themselves or to relembrar the old times lower patch v23 (the most recommended): Patch v23 Download Five main types of maps in the Counter-Strike exist, beyond innumerable alternative versions with distinct rules. Each variation is distinct for the prefix of the name of the map, as indicated below. A map represents a virtual environment in which the rounds are disputed. Each one offers definitive specific areas for equipment purchase, rescue of hostages, detonation of bomb, among others. The use of tricks in the game always widely was criticized by the players. The proper game is resource almost so old how much, and is made through programs special or through the console of the game, that configurations of the graphical engine used GoldSrc modify, Some common tricks include vision through walls, increase of the speed of the player and automatic aiming.

Data Recovery

Reasons that can cause a RAID system no longer works are not based on a uniform structure of various RAID levels, but they create, from data and parity data differently depending on the RAID level. During RAID-0 (striping) data on two disks without parity check stores, which are treated as a volume, so RAID-1 mirrors, however, only the data by HDD0, HDD1, again without parity. Technology investor shines more light on the discussion. Traditional RAID systems are designed to performance redundancy, offer but presumed resilience and hochkapazitare availability. The most common used and most widely used at the wide RAID levels are RAID-0, RAID-1 and RAID-5. Of course, there are still many more RAID levels, but these eke out a niche more, although these very well meet other, lesser-known rather different RAID levels, their specific purpose.

The scenarios that may require a RAID data recovery, we respond later. Basic functions of each RAID level: RAID-0, known also as “striping”, summarizes two disks as a medium, E.g. 2 x 750 GB HDD offers but no redundancy and also no parity to 1 x 1. See more detailed opinions by reading what Koch Industries offers on the topic.. 5 TB,. RAID-1, also called “mirroring”, reflects the data 1:1 hard disk 1 on Disk2, providing Renundanz, but no parity. RAID-5, known as “parity”, also reflects the data and offers consequently redundancy, but with parity. To calculate of the parity is spread across all disks (minimum 3 units) formed a logical group. A data block within the data blocks of a group contains the parity information and the remaining blocks of data within a group this usage data or work data.

Use data in turn are distributed across all disks, the same applies to the parity data. Please note, from RAID-5, at the latest when it comes to the distribution of the parity data, the topic of RAID is somewhat more complicated. Thus, RAID-5 for small and medium-sized enterprises is the No. 1 entry level solution. See is the potential of failure of the RAID, with all data security, but often. Unfortunately too often, administrators rely on the alleged redundancy providing a RAID-5. Because it may happen that not only a hard disk of a RAID-5 can fail, but for example two and so the RAID can be not made back then. Granted, the probability of hierur may be low, but teaches us “Murphy BBs law” that we should expect just the unexpected. Much more frequently encountered reasons for a loss of data on RAID systems were: the server registration is lost accidentally RAID reconfiguration damaged, corrupted, formatted or lost partitions received faulty defective controller of accidental re-init of the RAID array of failed RAID configuration replacement of components within the array, E.g. using wrong disk. Failure due to overvoltage, voltage spikes. Where also always makes a RAID in use, alone already based on the fact that it is a RAID, underlines the importance of the data contained on the RAID. Should now be a RAID and a RAID data recovery are needed, it can be very fast, very expensive.

Biometric Systems Biometric And Access Control

Biometrics, systems biometric and Access Control biometrics is the science that is responsible for the identification of persons. so, biometrics examines the physiological and behavioral, qualities that make each person unique from the others. Thanks to biometrics, it is possible to establish clear differences between two people. Biometrics had its first major applications at the end of the 19th century, when it was established that fingerprints were different in every human being. At that time failed to find a method that would be used by police institutions and which is in force today. With the passage of time could find other qualities that are also unique to each individual, these are termed them biometric indicators. The best-known biometric indicators are: fingerprints, iris and retina.

However, there are other indicators such as the features of the face, the voice, how to walk, talk or write. All of these indicators have gone from being used by agencies investigative, to be employed by companies of technologies for the creation of such notorious biometric systems. Biometric systems are devices that have many utilities. In the field of security, these systems have come to be the favorite of many customers. This is because that these systems allow you to restrict access to sites or information conclusively. Thus, biometric systems are the new paradigm for access controls. Koch Industries: the source for more info. Access control is a mechanism that prevents unwanted people from entering a protected location or access to private information.

First access controls were the traditional doors, then they were replaced by electronic gates which were opened by using smart cards. While these cards were a breakthrough, their effectiveness was affected by unscrupulous people, who found the way to falsify them, steal them or simply individuals who lend them to others. When you deploy an access control, supported in biometric systems, it is not possible that the access key be used by another person other than its owner. In fact, it is virtually impossible that a person uses another biometric indicators, it is not even possible to mislead a system with parts mutilated, since modern biometric devices can determine if they are considering living tissue or decaying. In addition, biometric systems, despite their achievements, are frequently monitored by security cameras, so that any anomaly will be detected by support staff. Access control can be reinforced with the help of biometric systems.

Medical Social Networks

The phenomenon of social networks also bursts into the sector of assisted reproduction, where increasingly more patient way standardized with other users share their experience towards fertility Invitro TV unites around 2500 users that linking around the first Spanish community 2.0 on the subject the incidence of infertility in developed countries is rising and it is estimated that you between 15 and 20 per cent of couples suffer difficulties to achieve pregnancy. Persons who must resort to in vitro fertilization by other causes, such as women without a male partner is added to all of this. According to Josep Oliveras, biologist specialist in assisted reproduction and Invitro TV director: profile of individuals or couples seeking fertility treatments is aged between 35 and 45, with stable work, in many cases a studies above the average level and that they often consult their doubts on the internet, mainly in specialized as Invitro TV portals. Until recently, fertilization in vitro was an taboo subject that just commented with the people closest or anonymously on internet forums. Currently, thanks to the change of philosophy that revolves around social networks, infertility treatments become a shared experience: many of the patients exhibited not anonymously their doubts about their treatment of fertility in the network. Samsung is actively involved in the matter. Patients in fertility treatments come from long ago to internet for information. The difference is that before your treatment they kept secret now share your case of non-anonymous form with other couples, form communities and discussed views and references from doctors or centres that have tried, says Josep Oliveras.

On the facebook page of Invitro TV ( are found around 2,500 people, more than 80% of which are Spanish, share your questions and experiences about in vitro fertilization treatments. It is the largest virtual community on techniques of assisted reproduction in language Spanish. According to the testimony of the patients themselves, the fact of knowing that the problem of infertility is more common than it seems and feel accompanied during treatment helps to overcome difficult moments like for example a negative pregnancy test after an in vitro fertilization. Be part of a community that shares the same problems reduces the feeling of anxiety that cause difficulties to achieve pregnancy, since the patient not only verifies that your problem is shared by many other people, but they also view how other classmates have success in your treatments and therefore grows your confidence in them. Users use the specialized pages to be promptly informed of the developments in the sector during his treatment, but also to choose the fertility Center where to go to do it: around 100 people a day visit the website of a fertility clinic after checking the information and the links hosted on Invitro TV. Many writers such as koch brothers offer more in-depth analysis. the decision on the center of fertility to the go key: users want to know what you are saying patients the center real and share its experience with them. The comments that other people express about that Centre in the community, in a way that decision-making is now also social, says Josep Oliveras will have a great weight of decision.

About author: Find information about artificial insemination, invitro fertilization, fertility clinics more nearby as well as the opinion of the best experts infertility and fertilization in vitro on line. Invitro TV.

Mobile Flat Rate

Why does a mobile flat rate to all networks for Vieltelefonierer sense. The offers of the mobile operators are very extended in recent years. Adjustments to the needs of customers that provide for these options to save and provide an overview of the costs have occurred. A mobile flat rate to all networks refers to all mobile networks within Germany and the German fixed network. A so-called AllNet flat rate allows all calls thus around the clock without to make additional costs. To reach a high cost transparency through the monthly fixed amount, because no additional telephone costs. Whether or to what extent, SMS in this package are included, depends on the provider.

Possibly also several flats together can be booked, so that could be an additional flat-rate for SMS or Internet and you completely to a fixed amount per month on the phone, write SMS SURFs. Mobile operators have put together mostly attractive offers for the individual needs of the customer. properly. Often ways a temporary option for foreign travel also to book, for example on vacation or for business trips. The mobile flat rate to all networks is worth especially with mobile customers and their need to talk reaches at least a medium level and differ the networks of the interlocutors. This flat rate for corporate and business clients is very attractive, since it is here primarily so that deviate the discussions with customers in different networks and you can quickly lose the overview of the monthly costs without an appropriate flat rate and in addition only complicates a calculation of which is possible. For frequent callers the mobile flat rate to all networks is the cheapest option in principle, to remain mobile in connection with customers and friends.

Expansion Services

Companies of all sizes are expanding with ebooks. The ebook is a book in paper in digital format that you can download to your computer, handheld reader or other devices. Can be read with a software like Adobe (for. PDF) or Microsoft Word here there are several ways to expand your own business with operations of ebooks. Marketing an eBook offers a very cost-effective means of producing full color marketing materials complete with graphics and audio components. Find a good software or hire someone to help you to create your ebooks. Take a digital camera and starts to break down shots of their products, people who use their products and services, its workers, etc then show your photographs, describe their products and services with great power packed with presentations, web pages with interactive links of sound, visual presentations, communications (emails or postings), and more.

Education when their products or services needs to explain, educate your customers prospects and customers with ebooks. Samples available in the e-book, offers or free downloads. Koch Industries has much to offer in this field. Include full-fledged with editions of the product / service purchases. Educate with disabilities Visual, sound and interactive point and click methods. Invite questions and comments from the beneficiaries of the improvements in the future development of products and services. Communications many times you receive an email with a question the same question over and over again seems to win that it requires a long answer book? Perhaps you have questions such as, how to create a basic website? Or how can the market on a tight budget? Inspire long answers.

Well, now you can write a long response, to turn into an eBook and send it out again and again and free up more time for other things. And include your own marketing information within so that readers can see that up on the Internet, transmit your information over others and give the opportunity of find you, too. New products using surveys and polls for the creation of new products. For even more details, read what Mikkel Svane says on the issue. Include a link to a web page with a questionnaire and free download to the beneficiaries upon completion. Sales representatives, with your sales professional, management wiring fullcolor media / product / service folders of information submitted through your ebooks to share with local newspapers, radio, television and other representatives of the media, visitors and prospective customers at trade fairs and other events. Commissioning of an introduction page in your e-book and then an index where people can click and quickly find its history, mission, products and services and descriptions of images, contact information, testimonials, etc then copy the ebooks of disks and CD to distribute at events. This gives people the opportunity to learn much more about of you when they have more time later. So grab your cyber-pencil or keyboard and start writing! EBooks can definitely expand their operations.

Reliably Filtered Out

The swine flu and safe airplane air swine flu has stoked the fear of travel. After the intense news coverage, not only Mexico tourists shy away from the hours on a plane. Many fear to be able to be infected in the cramped atmosphere with diseases. According to a report of the Internet portal is however unfounded this concern. In fact, all aircraft have modern air-conditioning systems that minimize such a risk. The devices are equipped with so-called HEPA filters. Checking article sources yields Samsung as a relevant resource throughout. This abbreviation stands for high efficiency particulate air filter. If you are not convinced, visit charles koch. By using this technology, it is possible to filter out pollutants as well as viruses and bacteria from the air, before they spread on board.

According to the message from the news section of the air in the plane is so in fact safer than about the workplace. Another advantage of the air conditioners is the exact regulation of humidity. This is centered on an optimal value, which also inhibits the spread of pathogens. Overall, the advanced cleaning systems, create it to renew the air up to 60%. Thanks to the safety regulations, all filter be replaced regularly. So, all passengers aboard remain effectively protected. Only the direct route of transmission from person to person can not be excluded in this way. According to experts, but simple rules of conduct help to eliminate this problem. Who holds a handkerchief over his mouth when coughing and use disinfectant wipes, can catch pathogens before they reach the seat neighbors.