Renting in Minsk

From the fact that Minsk is constantly increasing the number of agencies that rent apartments in the conclusion that the apartments are in high demand from tourists and travel esp. By allegations of Realtors, about 40 percent of apartments in Minsk for rent commercial premises. Indeed, arriving in Minsk more profitable and easier to remove apartment than to settle in a single hotel room. Apartment in the center city, which is located near all tourist centers, banks, stores will cost about 30 dollars a day if you just need repairs and technical configuration. If you need a renovation, air conditioning and all appliances, the apartment price will increase to $ 50 for one day. The hotel is a room in high season or on holidays will cost about $ 150.

Likewise, many companies who rent apartments provide additional services – cleaning apartments, meeting at the railway station and the airport, etc. This business is profitable both for the landlord. And for the agency that the apartment rents. Owner is convenient that for him find tenants resolve all issues, the apartment is not idle, for the apartment watching her clean. A host receives a monthly cash rent.

Agency, in turn, offer several types of cooperation. The host can by the agency to place an ad with a detailed description of the apartment. May enter into an exclusive agreement with one particular agency, in which case he will avoid all the problems that may arise during delivery apartment and signing treaties. Or may enter into a contract of trust management. Under this contract, the owner gives the agency 15 percent of the amount of rent. And the first two options require the owner to pay up to 40 interest payment. The client is renting an apartment is advantageous because it is cheaper than a hotel, and it will absolutely not lose as a service. And besides, you can rent an apartment in Minsk on the day it is in the area in which you need to, but not where there are vacant rooms in the hotel.

Business Training

So it turns out that business training is required when you want to train employees to manage processes and procedures, its own activities and those of enterprises, projects, marketing, distribution, territory. When you need equip your people to the theory of sales, negotiations, presentations, etc. But if you want to train employees in effective interpersonal interaction – communication, we need social and psychological training. Unlike business training, socio-psychological training do not aspire to teach business. Their parish – social skills, ie communication skills between people.

Such training focused on skills acquisition effective interpersonal interaction. This applies to most social spheres of human activity. Learn conflict-free communication with the other person is not so easy, because all people are different and how many people, so many opinions. That's just respectful attitude to the opinion of another person and teach social and psychological training. Even the format of these trainings are very different from business training. Theory here is extremely small. It is very a lot of practice.

And the practice alive. If this is the training of conflict resolution, conflicts are alive. If this training is negotiation, the situation for their conduct is not emulated, but live, from life. If this managerial training, then to manage people in the group accounts are not in theory, but alive. And oh how difficult it is. So if you need to train employees in communication, negotiation, people management or conflict, to take solutions, to teach responsibility and teamwork you need to choose exactly the socio-psychological training.

How to Drive

I do not argue that this method is also quite effective, but better still, use mine. 9) In the process of driving should not be practice the principle of "Where I go – there and the main road." There are, after all, the rules, which for years came up with all sorts of venerable road builders and SUVs. There are also signs that are used for traffic management. Let these signs do not always harmonize with the color of your hat. Forgive them that.

Stay above petty conventions and remember that one sign read "40 km / h" feeding at least one linear traffic cop, his entire family, five of their superiors, family chiefs and family chiefs of mistresses. 10) We should never forget that the car should at least occasionally to refuel. Do not think that he starved, will behave the same way as your husband: sit in the kitchen and starts to beat with a spoon on a plate, periodically bad voice. Car – being gentle (unlike my husband). First, he repeatedly blink a light bulb, then the flame will burn continuously been, and after a while the machine off by the road will fade, like those roses that my husband gave you last year for my birthday of Rosa Luxemburg. And you already have gone nowhere. And your manicurist , boredom all the toenails. 11) If you see that the state inspector you waved his wand striped, keep in mind that it had not such a way of expressing delight at the sight of an elegant woman in a beautiful car.

California Gizmodo

I think that the story of the lost iPhone 4G already knows almost everyone. If you do not know, then read on. The story begins in the German schnapps bar called Gourmet Haus Staudt, in Redwood City, California. The software engineer Apple Grey Powell decided to drink in her birthday, March 18, beer, and this day proved fatal to his career. The last thing he wrote in his blog on Facebook with the engineering prototype iPhone 4G, disguised iPhone 3GS, was: “I finally realized how much German beer – it’s cool!”.

After What he left a bar, and the iPhone forgot the bar. One citizen who wished to remain anonymous, found the lost phone and tried through the Apple service center to return the discovery. But there his word that he found the iPhone with unusual serial numbers are not taken seriously and was advised to call in China, as thought it was fake. Then the citizen and spat on it and threw it finds on the mezzanine. After a while the good people suggested to him that perhaps Journalists interested in this thing, and then he called one of the most famous tehnoblogov U.S. – Gizmodo. Gizmodo gadget offered for $ 5000, not even knowing whether this is the missing iPhone, which has already been a whole week all the talk knowledgeable people. But it was really him. Before you contact Apple, to return the discovery, journalists Gizmodo, of course, could not deny myself the pleasure to open the gadget to see what’s inside.

VHS Video

A galaxy of movie studios started taking pictures, focusing exclusively on vhs audience. In the ussr, the spread and turnover video punished by article of the Professional Code. Details about the difficult pathway vhs video is told in the movie – Sex, Lies, Video: Soviet Union 1996 – the beginning of the era of digital video. Japan, as usual, ahead of the rest, presented humanity dvd (digital video disc). If the first DVD-player cost about $ 15,000, and the discs – $ 50, then in 3-4 years the situation has leveled off and prices have become more democratic. This format video data transmission has become so popular that in 2003 rent movies on dvd rentals surpassed VHS-tapes. History has never seen an example of such a rapid spread of technology (in 2008, was released last videotape).

In video there was virtually no chance: – durability covering the disc, unlike the vhs of the film is not deformed and lost their magnetic properties after repeated showings. Much later, we all realized that guaranteed 100 years of storage on a dvd is not more than marketing ploy, but in any case, it was much steeper than vhs. – Compact dvd drive can be safely put it in his pocket, and DVD-players looked much more elegant in its dimensions – ease of use impressed the extremely simple scheme is playing a dvd disk with a minimum of moving parts – in the new device had no problems with getting stuck videotape, was not required once a month and a half to wipe the head videmagnitofona cotton wool soaked in alcohol, no creaked and nezaedalo in view, and break the drive was much harder than to cause damage to videotape.

Audio CD Resistor

2. Cleaning the head. Pulls a wad of cotton to match, wetted with alcohol and gently clean the produce. Follow the order at the head of no more lint from wool. 3. Adjusting the laser current. Consider this item for more info. On first glance, you might it seem ridiculous, and someone will say, without a special measuring equipment as possible, but believe 80% of the fault is eliminated this adjustment. And so for more info. The board laser head, most often in the connector mounting loop is a variable resistor, the one who set the current laser. Reach it in most cases, you can not looking CD-mechanism. Sometimes it is convenient make setting the laser head to the extreme position. In some cases demolition. Find a suitable screwdriver. Remember the situation in which there is a slider resistor. 3.1. Slowly gently cranking slider resistor for about 1-2 degrees clockwise; 3.2. After that, connect all the cables and wires (if they are disabled); 3.3.

Set the disk with the format that was not read in this unit have read with interrupts. Press ‘PLAY’. If the machine does not read discs at all, it is recommended to install the drive formats Audio CD; 3.4. 20-30 seconds (give the laser focus); 3.5.Esli not work, repeat the paragraph 3.1-3.4. 3.6.Esli paragraphs 3.1-3.4 repeat several times (Usually between 2 and 5) does not yield any results then it is advisable to return the slider to the resistor in the position in which it was to adjust and make the same operation, only turning it counterclockwise. After several these settings, you can quickly for 1-2 minutes to adjust the laser without any problems, no special test equipment and without the service manual-Service Manual. If all else fails, maybe your laser head really completely out of order. But usually this happens very rarely. Anyone, even a very strong run down the laser can be forced to read at least disks Audio cd. This article, I’m not trying to say that is not why change the engine, laser Head to the new, thus saving on maintenance. I just spoke about his experience and this method can be used as one of the options for repair, at least in those situations where to get parts is problematic. Information to this article permitted to place on their resources while maintaining links to the original.

Modern Technology

In the words of Charles Buxton, “You can never find enough time to do what is necessary so you’ll have to work hard to free up as much time as needed.” This difficulty we loans in this article;) algorithm is quite simple: to get it done, firstly, you need to know what specific things to be done, and secondly, these cases should be streamlined. Let’s start. 1) Get a new notebook, you can diary. On one sheet in a column write down all the things that would like to accomplish in the coming week. If to any important event, break it into several smaller steps. 2) Now make a list on tomorrow. From the week list, select 5.6 cases, and rewrite them for tomorrow. Then put the numbers in front of the sequence in which you perform these deeds. If convenient, you can even specify the time of each case. But do not paint all day every minute – such a plan would be hard to follow and a desire to organize their affairs in general lost. Simply sit in the evening and well thought out plan for the day, and there are already important to these cases were performed, and the rest of the time to do anything you want.

At the end of the day to summarize. If you have not done all written, think about why. Perhaps you have placed incorrectly prioritize tasks, or took too great a burden. In this case, try to reduce the list of planned activities. If, conversely, you have completed all of the list very quickly, and then lost a lot of wasted time, try The next day make a list of a few cases more than the previous one. But, once again, the important thing is not to far and do not forget to leave time for rest and spontaneous cases. Similarly, you can compile a list of more than Global Affairs, for example, for the year. Then distribute that and what month you will be doing. A list of the month, in turn, spread over weeks. In the process, of course, you’ll adjust it, because of course, clearly plan for a year is impossible. The main thing that you all will be formulated on paper. You will not be lost, remembering what and when you need to do. Thus, 10 minutes with a notepad and pen in hand to help save the entire hours that will greatly enhance your productivity.

Energy Patrol Climate

Event showed that the system of urban lighting in all the regions are a mess. In all 20 towns within a few hours have been found hundreds of burning lamps, wasted heating the air. The purpose of the action – to attract the attention of authorities to the problem of energy conservation. Discounted day lamps – just the tip of the iceberg. According to official statistics almost every second cubic meter of gas and tons of oil burned in vain. Just learning to rationally generate electricity, we can prevent global climate change, according to the organizers’ Energy Patrol. ” eu and Russia can reduce emissions of greenhouse gases Leaders 27-member European Union confirmed its readiness to regional organization to reduce up to 30% of emissions of gases causing the greenhouse effect.

This is stated in the draft conclusions of an eu summit. As previously reported, the participants of the summit endorsed the Commission’s proposal to reduce by 2020 20% of the 1999 level of greenhouse emissions. Commitments to a 30 percent fall, the document says, the eu is ready to take over, if the organization in this support other developed countries who will gather for a meeting in 2009 in Copenhagen for a global climate agreement, which is intended to replace the Kyoto Protocol, whose term will expire in 2012. Russia over the past 18 years demonstrates the reduction of emissions greenhouse gas emissions by more than 30%. About this in the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, said the deputy head of Ministry Stanislav Ananiev at the Poznan conference of the countries participating un Framework Convention on Change climate (Poland).

Computer Embroidery: A Variety Of Techniques

Computer embroidery – one of the newest technologies decoration fabric products. It is also used for artistic decoration and promotional purposes: computer embroidery is often used for the application of logos on souvenirs, uniforms and other items of corporate culture. Computer embroidery has advantages over print-on fabrics. First and foremost, it is of higher quality. Embroidered designs and logos very resistant to external influences. Threads used in computer embroidery, do not shed, they can be washed at very high temperatures, the image quality is not affected. In addition, the computer looks Embroidery more solid than the printed image. Another advantage is the extensive possibilities of computer embroidery. Modern embroidery machines are capable of using many different techniques and to seek original effects.

Along with a simple embroidery stitch, they can apply image and other joints (eg, vestibule), and combine the actual embroidery with applique, decorative cutouts, decoration beads cords, sequins. There is even computer embroidery, in which the needle simply extends through the main threads of fabric from the support canvas. They form an original and unusual design. Often computer embroidery used on the quilted material – here it allows you to create three-dimensional images and to achieve interesting effects. All these works are carried out using pre-prepared program – because technology called the computer embroidery. But the protagonist is still not a computer, and the artist who creates image for embroidery. So, how is preparing a program for computer embroidery? Schema that will work embroidery machine, is based on a sketch artist and designer. This sketch is processed using special computer programs in a format understood by machine. Designer constantly monitors intermediate results and to make adjustments. When the resulting test sample will satisfy all the requirements, embroidery will be put into production.

Color Video Intercoms. Take A Closer Look

Color video intercoms. Take a closer look! In recent years the Internet in a number of articles on the entryphone give very serious recommendations for choosing entryphone, analyzing his work and specific use. On I think that in these articles is not enough attention has been given a color video intercom. As reasons for the choice of black and white version of the authors cited their lower cost and better image quality. Yes, definitely black and white camera has a higher sensitivity and a black and white video phone is cheaper than color, but progress is not in place and the rapid development of electronics industry leads to a blurring of the qualitative and price distinction between color and black-and-white video surveillance systems in general and video systems in particular.

Look at the market monitors for cctv! All lcd Monitors – color, and the share produced in black and white monitors crt tends to zero. This is due primarily to significant improvement in the characteristics of color video cameras. Their resolution and sensitivity, particularly in the cells’ day-night, almost no yield similar parameters of black and white cameras with much higher information content of color images and more comfort for the operator. All this can be to the same extent attributed to the color video intercom systems whether a simple system for home or office, or a complex multi-tiered system for a large cottage community, or multifamily residential complex. Using a calling panels modern color Chambers’ day-night, which at night will switch to black and white mode and can use additional illumination from the ir diodes, the use of lcd panels with high resolution and excellent color make color video intercoms systems in its technical parameters in no way inferior to them in black and white counterparts.