The Ceiling In The House As The Sky … It’s Easy !

Plain whitewashed ceiling – this is already commonplace in the modern world, agree. Although you can call it a classic. Still more residents prefer to experiment, to emphasize the individuality of interior, to try something new and fashionable. One such interesting interior design ideas can be called a stretch ceilings "starry sky". Recreated with the help of cloth and light sources, "the sky on the ceiling give an elegant color of the room. Plenty of room for experimentation here is unusually wide, embodiments limited only by imagination. Such suspended ceilings have different decoration features a unique technology lighting design always brings to the interior of the uniqueness and stylishness. You can capture on the ceiling of his room a chaotic scattering of stars or a certain zodiacal constellation, cosmic landscape or signs of falling comets choose a play or a simulation of motion.

Stretch ceilings "starry sky" – this is a work of art, the creation of which requires both creative thinking and great professionalism. Build your home your own "heaven" can be several ways – depending on the desired effect. However, the design principle remains unchanged: a light source and optical fiber cable (sometimes these components are added to fine nozzle). When installing fiber-optic filaments are assembled together with an optical projector, and the ends of the threads on one side mounted on the surface of the ceiling, and on the other – are attached to the projector. Generally, to create Standard effect "starry sky" requires about one hundred fibers per square meter stretch ceiling. But the more complex design – the more the number of fibers. The most complex composition with the effect of flickering Stars line up not using the projector, and thanks to the software control unit.

The block is connected to the led and allows you to recreate the dynamics of the "sky" in the room. If you want to see in the room "Shooting Stars", then installation of stretch ceiling is taken lacquer painting, and fiber-optic filaments, which are then pulled from a cloth to 15-20 inches (sometimes more). If you want a little head thrown back, watch a light scattering of stellar evening, then again deploy the fiber. Only his glowing ends are not running out, and are projected onto the inner surface of the canvas. Well, if you want to make a bright "starry sky", there is need to display tips fiber of the canvas at some millimetrov.Esche one option to create a shimmering sky on the ceiling – it's "implementation" spotlights a small diameter in a sheet. Using a special circuit breaker can be regulate the level of illumination in the room. From a technical point of view, suspended ceilings "starry sky" can be performed across the ceiling surface or on a specific part. They are also easily and harmoniously "Coexist" with other features of the interior lighting. And it is allowed any use of the density of optical fibers, depending on the design solution. In any case, the suspended ceiling "Starry Sky" will be look incredibly mysterious and unusual.

Beer Brewers

To sip of beer gave the man not only happiness thirst quencher, but also enjoy wonderful taste, the brewers need to work hard. It would seem that what is easier – to take the malt, hops, yeast water, yes, and it's done! However, not all so simple. On the quality of each component and strict compliance of production technology depends on whether the beverage is poured into the cup of the gods, or we get a liquid misunderstanding. Therefore, the art of brewing has always been honored for decent and respectable occupation, but its secrets were passed down from generation to generation. Now most beer made from barley malt, though some of the drink recipes you can find malt, wheat, rye, corn and oats. Sometimes used in several types of malt. Malt called sprouted grain crops.

For the preparation of high quality beer is very important to choose the right this component. Get malt special varieties of barley. Grains are cleaned, screened and selected. Followed by disinfection stage, after which the substrate is soaked for several days. Each grain carefully inspected experts before being decision about whether it is worthy to become the basis of the drink. During soaking, favorable environment for germination of seeds, and at this time begin to form the basic taste of the malt. Once the grain germinate, they are dried and cleaned of germs. The resulting malt should ripen for a month in special circumstances, until his tasting quality is not reached its climax.

Laminate Flooring Premium

Laminate flooring (laminate or laminate) – this is the only leader in sales among a relatively new product in the field of floor coverings. Thanks to modern decor, a new surface structure, there immeasurable feeling of absolute naturalness and genuineness of sex. Due to the increasing volume of construction and relatively high prices to the floor and work on its installation and dedication of people age-old traditions use of wood in interior design, it was dictated in favor of laminate flooring. Many manufacturers of laminates, after analyzed the properties of ordinary wooden coverings have created a material that not only was to have better performance and durability, but became different relatively low cost. This material has very accurately imitate natural parquet floors, antique wooden board, tiling. Also, laminate is suitable for processing different types of interiors with any traffic (shops, restaurants, offices, exhibition and sports halls, hallways, bedrooms, nurseries, etc.). Laminate floors are laid on an existing base of "floating" manner.

This method of installation has made laminated covering the most convenient and practical for installation in historic buildings in Western Europe. Premium products – a whole philosophy, the philosophy of the people for whom these products are created, not just an expensive product. And not only the price here is the main criterion. As well as on any other market, the production of such coatings are applied the most modern technology and modern design. To determine an accurate assessment of quality in 1999 were introduced by the European norms of laminate flooring, which were approved by the European Association of manufacturers of laminate flooring (EPLF), which already includes about 20 countries. Each type of flooring is being tested on 18 different tests are conducted in accordance with strict requirements of the Association, including checking for impact resistance, moisture resistance, sound insulation, abrasion resistance, ecological purity materials, etc. On the basis of tests carried out sex assigned certain class of wear-resistant coatings. The most popular classes in Russia today – a 32 and 33 class. Therefore, the higher class laminate, the longer its life.

High-quality Sporting Equipment

The secret to the success of many famous athletes in the fact that they managed to pick up for training the best sports clothing and shoes. Invest in a quality athletics equipment around a thousand dollars a year – quite reasonable costs that are likely to pay off handsomely. Save as on the sports clothing and shoes – a direct path to injuries and too early to wear organism. In the world of professionals have long known that athletic achievement largely depend on sportswear. Modern sport makes unprecedented demands on the human body. Barefoot, in sandals, army boots is not something that can not win, but just take a noticeable participate in the competitions.

Although it would be quite exotic. The choice is not so much to choose for sport is sport shoes, and to prefer high-quality, technologically different shoes cheap tyap-lyapam, brazenly claiming a place in professional sports equipment stores. In cheap sneakers, for example, it is easy to get away from the district or the janitor. Hold the same in these strenuous exercise just impossible – shirpotrebnye shoes scattered in the two accounts. The world's leading manufacturers of sports shoes, such as forward, adidas, , nike, mizuno, salomon, reebok, craft, polar, casio, oreintiruyas the growing demands of professional athletes, constantly develop new technologies for modern racing krosovok and spikes. Qualitative spike should be as easy, with a sound system of lacing that provides secure fixation of the foot. Narrow specialization models for different types of racing, fine selection of each component and high-tech materials make the shoe edinstenno possible footwear for professional sports training. For example, technology developed by asics, is a philosophy of engineering design a shoe that allows the athlete's foot to work more naturally, transformed by a specific individual pace and style feet. Once again I want to stress that savings on as sports footwear and clothing leads to increased injury and reduce post-workout.

Orenburg Shawls

Going a bit further in history, we can learn a great deal about the origin of the earliest Orenburg shawls. And most importantly, to hear a little bit sensational discovery that the first bearers of downy shawls were men, not women. Horsemen of the Kyrgyz-Kaysatskoy Horde first evaluated these wonderful products down, tying them under a light overcoat. The unique properties of goat down to keep warm were very relevant to life in the mountains. With time to knit shawls of goat's fuzz learned Cossacks. Downy shawls, related to, have been prettier and thinner, as the Cossacks began to decorate scarves with patterns. Such changes in the appearance of headscarves attracted interest from women, which became active wear them not only to keep warm, but also as a decoration.

We can assume that moment the starting point in puhovyazalnom craft. By tradition, the quality of the handkerchief taken to check, letting him through the ring. This method of testing is only suitable for products related to the thin viscous. Such as spider or tippet. Classic, warm Orenburg down shawls will not pass through the ring. This does not mean that they are not real or not properly connected.

Simply knitting warm scarves, shawls, use another method of binding, and it gives them of depth. Therefore we should not draw hasty conclusions, after buying a handkerchief about his poor quality or artificiality. Finally, open your little secret, how do you know that your new shawl, and is connected to the proper technology. New, high-quality shawl fluffs over time, after 2 weeks, with constant wear. If kerchief already fluffed, then it would probably deliberately nachesali to give the three-dimensionality. Natural raspushivanie headscarf wearing more favorably, since the life of the handkerchief increases at times when it happened natural way. If you have a handkerchief fluffed up, it means that part of the fluff comb, and wear it a lot faster. Be attentive and pleasant you shopping!

New Building Technologies For Sports

The revival of traditions of healthy lifestyles and physical media – such is the priority policies of Russia. But in the absence of appropriate infrastructure, many Russians simply have no place in sports: built in 60-80 years. facilities were closed or had deteriorated, new construction does not manage to ensure the growing demand. Nevertheless, we can say that there was a positive turning point – the victory of Sochi in the Olympic race has become a serious stimulus to the development of sports industry in the country. Thus, despite the crisis, most recently in the press are increasing reports of the early construction of sports complexes of the European standard, not only in million cities, but also in smaller settlements. This uses the latest building technologies – lightweight metal (LMC).

"Children grow up in times of crisis " "Our children are growing up and during the crisis, and they should be able to play sports, – said one of his speeches, Larissa Latynina, an Olympic gymnastics champion. – We must build gyms – quickly, efficiently, economically. " And Larissa Semyonovna absolutely right, especially since the technical possibilities for this are: modern technology (such as prefabricated buildings and structures) allow to build a giant sports complexes in the shortest possible time and, importantly, at lower cost than was previously possible. Today, these objects are among the most promising areas of the construction industry. Their basic elements – a frame made of steel and outer casing of the "sandwich" panels (sandwich panels, consisting of a double coating and insulation).

Computers and Electronic Devices

Computer, as well as any electronic device can operate without any user intervention or specialist. And really, nobody did not occur to carry out maintenance tv or tape recorder. However, the computer has one peculiarity – it is high heat components of the system unit. And considering that all the components are assembled in one enclosed space – the system unit, the absence of efficient cooling can lead to overheating and fire system unit. Therefore, the cooling system components of the system unit is the "Achilles heel" of modern computers.

Consider the details of which is the cooling system on your computer. In most cases, a set of radiators and fans. Radiator removes heat from the electronic component and having a large area of contact with the surrounding air by a large number of thin edges, giving the allotted warm the surrounding air, which has usually a lower temperature. Fans need to improve air circulation around the radiator, as in a closed system block the natural air circulation is absent, and a hot radiator air does not go the natural way. The list of components of the system unit, requiring forced enough large: 1. Processor 2. North and south bridge mainboard 3. The graphic chip card 4.

Power supply in each of these components is the radiator, and some still a fan. And the whole cooling system is the system unit is working properly as long as the inside does not show up the dust. Dust – it is the worst enemy of your computer. The dust settles on the edges of the radiator and prevents heat transfer between the radiator and the ambient air. Dust clogs the space between the ribs radiator and prevents the passage of air. She settles on the fan blades, which leads to a violation of balancing the impeller and, consequently, an increased level of noise at the fan and malfunction its bearings. All this leads to a deterioration and eventually to the common "freeze" the computer, spontaneous blackouts and can even cause a fire. How do deal with dust in the computer system unit? First and foremost – is prevention. Computer system unit must be kept in a clean, well-ventilated place. Regularly every three or four months to open the system unit side cover and hold surface cleaning with a vacuum cleaner with a plastic nozzle. But if prevention does not help and the whole system unit are clogged with dust, it is necessary to carry out a full cleaning of the system unit. This procedure is best left to specialist. But if you're confident in our abilities, then step by step instructions for complete cleaning system unit from dust with photos is available on our website.

Service Providers

In the market of computer services in our city clear excess of the performers. Offers quickly with high quality and almost free of charge to solve all the problems with the computer coming from all sides. Is this possible in reality? There are two ways to provide computer help. First. The promise of free diagnosis, a very low price (say to reinstall Windows from 350 rubles) and other attractive terms. But no gift will not work. What are their benefits? Narrate how actually happening. After this work it appears that it is necessary for normal functioning of the computer to install many programs do not naturally free.

As a result, price becomes a factor of 3-5 thousand rubles. Usually quality of work leaves much to be desired – why? It's very simple – these are like "firm" master long , the average term of a specialist and a half months. He gets at best 10-20% of the cost work performed and that anything should earn at least – he was rushing to make as many orders as possible and more responsive service, as you know, it does not increase. Use the services of these, it is not honest craftsmen, not recommended. To recognize them is not difficult. This promises a very low cost, mass advertising, calendars, by the metro, the lack of intelligible dialogue on the phone, etc. Usually, these firms are not re-apply, but it is not concerned. All times are new gullible person not familiar with this method of "work".

The second method works in practice is much rarer. Its use some 'right company' and private-sector computer wizard. A distinctive feature is a reasonable price, quality guarantee for work performed and the personal approach. Professional on the phone beforehand determine the approximate cost of the work and the figure subsequently increased several times. Reasonable to date figure is 1500-2500 rubles for a complete reinstallation vindouz example. Or 500 rubles for preventive cleaning of the unit from dust, with complete disassembly and replacing the thermal paste under the heatsink. And work should include absolutely everything necessary for normal functioning of the computer. A specialist in this scheme teaches up to 75% and has no more than 2 calls per day, promotes high quality service. Customers with such masters pstoyanno work and recommend them to others. I hope that armed with this information you will be careful and do not suffer from poor service. I wish you make the right choice!

Social Networking Accounts

Digression. Every year the number of social networking is becoming more and more functionality and direction has no boundaries. Different network aimed at different audiences. Which causes their popularity. For example, in ranking the first 30 N. positions occupied by services of interest, it is services such as: club breeders, fishermen, etc. But nebudu distracted and took another step towards the main topic of this article because we are not talking about animals and to protect their accounts. To begin to determine what is required 'thief' on your account? As a rule, hack to use you for sending spam, or for mass sales hacked profiles of those who are engaged in sending this spam.

Break-ins for this purpose are endemic, ie do not break all row selecting. How do you hack? Ways to assign themselves strangers big set of accounts, in this paper, we consider the most pressing at the moment. Link to a site with malware. Most often comes from people being in your friend list. Text messages can vary, from: 'Hey, look, these freaks uploaded your photo 'to:' Oh! long time no see, could you help me? I are participating in the competition. " Such methods of divorce simply to convict.

Another way is to get you to go to feykovy site. For example in the case of site Vkontakte you offer to take part in the contest and throw a link to a site such as not vkontakte vkontakle and then on the site prompts you to enter a password and login, as soon as you do, you fall into a database intruders. The last way that I describe is not the most popular, because protects us from them installed on our home computers and antivirus. Thieves under various pretexts seek to deliver to your komyuter, file, for example a picture infected by a worm that steals all your data and passwords. Therefore ativirus installed on your machine guarantor (of course not 100%, but the guarantor) protect against such thefts. At this until all wait for the next of my articles.

The Nipple

Radiators can be classified in several ways. First, the material of manufacture. They can be cast iron, aluminum, bimetal and steel. Secondly, the constructional execution. Radiators are sectional, panel and tubular. Depending on the material chosen by the manufacturer, the device is manufactured specific designs. Iron – a well-known to Russian consumers an alloy of iron with carbon radiators from it produce more than one hundred years.

And now, according to analysts, most of the domestic market of heating devices (about 50%) are they. Cast-iron construction consists of a set connected to the nipple cast vertical sections, and therefore are called "sectional." Why is cast iron radiators are so popular in Russia? First of all, they are highly resistant to corrosion and are adapted to poor as the coolant (which in our heating systems ubiquitous). In this regard, they are very reliable and also inexpensive. However, these radiators are quite inertia in the transfer of heat, which creates difficulties in their adjustment. C in terms of energy efficiency is a minus. Another disadvantage of cast iron radiators is a large mass of such devices, which significantly complicates the installation. Sectional may also be aluminum, steel and bimetal radiators.

First, in view of high-strength, low thermal inertia (ease of management), low weight, have good prospects. So, according to analysts, the annual demand for aluminum radiators in Russia increased by 10.5%. The idea of bimetallic radiators based on the properties of steel and aluminum – two ("bi") metals. For steel radiators are much more likely to choose the trumpet, the sectional or a panel design.