Excavation Work

Employees who do not comply with the requirements of these Regulations shall be prosecuted under current legislation. Chapter 2 SAFETY BEFORE Before beginning excavation worker must: a job at the head works, about the project of works (hereinafter – the CPD) or technology card; check the serviceability of personal protective equipment and wear them, check the serviceability of tools, devices and equipment needed for the job; see the workplace and the approaches to it (the presence of barriers, ladders, safety bindings, soil conditions, slope stability, the presence of concentrations of groundwater and surface water, the adequacy of lighting at night), clean the work area from debris and unnecessary items free passages, and in winter – to clear of snow and ice, sand or slag.When a fault is detected in the fence, insecure ground, landslides, cracks in the ground, there is exposed on the slopes boulders, boulders, stones that are in an unstable state, and other hazards must notify supervisor and under his leadership to take steps to eliminate them. Before carrying out excavation work in high-risk, which is made for the dress-tolerance (in areas with pathogenic contamination of soil in the area of placement of underground utilities, while performing work in wells, pits, near the roads and railways, and other dangerous places), as well as occasional work not connected with direct responsibilities, to pass the target instruction. When using electric tools or air tools need to: ensure the integrity of the body parts, electrical cable (air hoses), the reliability and accuracy of mounting of parts to test the tool idle.

eBay Auctions

Receiving things from people and selling on auction EBAY. This idea brings me to bizesa steady income is required: a small office and a computer with Broadband, credit card, your account on EBAY, as well as a sign: 'Receive the goods on commission. " Advertisement: advertisement in a newspaper – take it! Technology: Accepted thing for 20 days, then either given back had brought, or to give money. The Commission usually 40-50% of the selling price at auction. Range of goods: Old cameras subjects pre-war production, army ammunition, the newspaper until 1952, busts of Stalin, Lenin, the communist symbols and attributes, handicrafts, amber, postcards, antiques, samples domestic product – in short, everything that can be collected. If you are taking aim at the western keep in mind that the customer will buy American, and we do not have for nothing. Accordingly, on the contrary.

Differences from normal komissionok: 1. Thing is not placed in the window at passers-Review, and is sold over the Internet. 2. Demand is very different – not street davleet behavioral stereotype. 3. Clientele from all over the world.

Technology of Paper Production

First, lists were made by hand, and the result is uneven rather coarse linen paper. In 1799 a young Frenchman, Louis-Nicolas Robert used to as a basis for pouring the pulp continuously moving grid, and the beginning of the XIX century in England, the brothers Henry and Sealy Furdrine samocherpnuyu patented machine, manufacture allows fairly good quality paper. Production of paper, depending on what type of paper must be obtained in the production process as a raw material used cellulose fibers, wood pulp or a mixture thereof. Chistotsellyuloznaya paper – the best quality and expensive, it has a high whiteness and strength. Paper made entirely from wood pulp, usually the lowest quality. The gap between the two main types of paper is a mixture of cellulose and wood pulp, which are taken in a 1:1 ratio.

The technology of modern production of paper is quite simple. Floured cellulose fibers mixed with the pulp, sizing agents (usually calcium carbonate) and close fillers. For printing paper used bleached milled kaolin, for coated – titanium dioxide, for special types of paper – zinc oxide. Fillers paper gives smoothness and flexibility, reduce its transparency and porosity. Then the pulp is fed to the grid of the papermaking machine to form a thin fibrous layer. In the press section of the machine squeezes excess water, after which the paper tape enters the dryer section. There shall drying fabric and surface sizing required for the manufacture of paper for offset printing or other moisture.

The last section of the machine is called finishing. Polished cast iron cylinder seal the paper lining the surface and then is wound tape rolls. To improve the quality of surface applied or pigmentation Coating – the application of the coating layer. In the first case, its thickness does not exceed 14 g/m2, in the second up to 40 g/m2. The urgency of office paper and its advantages over the electronic media despite the widespread use of electronic media information, office paper has not lost its relevance: many kinds of documents still are duplicated on the paper.

BVG Group

There are times when you did not have a system backup, and you, for whatever reason have lost important information. Do not despair, our experts will help you in this situation. When you delete a file via the operating system is a conversion of information about the existence of the file data itself remains, as long as they do not have written something else. To restore data using the residual information about the location parts of the files on disk. Based on this assumption is based on the location of the data, according to which the transfer files to another drive.

The probability of successful recovery of deleted files depends on the size, arrangement of their parts, as well as the fact that and in what volumes are written to disk after they are deleted. Perhaps, file recovery: restoring data recovery flash or cd – it is one of the most painstaking, complex, and expensive services. However, in some cases, price information, the remote is much higher than pay for its restoration. To successfully recover deleted files, we use the latest technology. They are to-use hardware and software, extensive experience working with artists on a malfunctioning drive and develop their own methods of data recovery. Our recommendations are successful recovery of deleted files often depends on how the files are stored on disk: continuous (unfragmented) or were separated into pieces (fragmented), and how much information was recorded on this section after the removal of documents and folders. Fragmented files can usually be restored only partially, and unfragmented – completely. Even if it was done formatting the partition as a whole, but it still did not record the information, and do not create new sections and rewritten file system, information can be restored with a 99% probability.

If you need to recover data from hard drive: folders, files or partitions, you must do the following: 1. nothing to write on this topic, 2. does not attempt to recover the information 3. turn off your computer 4. transfer hard drive to experts. The company BVG Group

Epidemiological Surveillance

Currently, the level of environmental contamination products of human activity in densely populated places reaches a critical point. This leads to the poisoning of water horizons. This problem is less acute in towns with sewerage. But in the villages who were unable to connect to a centralized sewerage system, the problem of biological wastewater treatment is in the first place. In currently in use several methods of cleaning waste water: – mechanical – chemical – biological.

The best way to waste water treatment – biological wastewater treatment. Bioremediation decides virtually all of the problems are not solved by the first two ways. It is recognized that the most effective technology for cleaning an aeration tank. All of the existing aeration tanks until recently been focused on large volumes of wastewater. The situation changed dramatically with the advent of plant range of the system 'YUBAS': 'Astra', 'CYCLONE'. These units are designed in Russia, based on experience of constructing and operating large-scale industrial aeration and fully comply with the conditions of operation in harsh Russian conditions.

In addition, purification of waste water a complete cycle, until the removal of nitrogen, and removed the activated sludge is stabilized in the aerobic conditions, it can be used as an excellent fertilizer (excellent solution to the problem of waste disposal). Plants were tested at the Research Institute of Human Ecology and Environmental them. AN Sysina and are the most effective of the entire series of purification systems presented in the present market. Reaching 98% of the treatment makes it possible to comply with all Russian standards for treated wastewater. Because of this Main Department of Sanitary and Epidemiological Surveillance recommend these settings for use throughout the Russian Federation. It only remains to add that the setup is extremely easy to use and require no maintenance of special equipment and spetspersonala. That is easy to install service makes the user. Installation is very durable, because body is made of polypropylene, which does not corrode and do not changing the structure of the sun. And the presence in the structure of the body panels foam layer contributes to the preservation of internal thermal energy of the biomass. The device operates without reducing the quality of cleaning in the winter Russian conditions. There is no need to put treatment plants near the access roads, and the appearance of the above-ground parts of the plant will not damage your YUBAS landscape. Perhaps making the installation of green-colored riding lawn. The absence of bad smells can be mounted close to the installation of structures, if necessary – in the basement. Flexibility and a unique set of characteristics needed to solve the problem of wastewater treatment makes installation of 'YUBAS' most versatile of all the system proposed in the Russian market.


Concrete – this is an artificial stone matepial that polychaetcya of patsionalno podbipayuscheycya smesi vyazhyschego agents, fillers and additives oppedelennyx c vodoy after fopmipovaniya tvepdoy ctpyktury. Klaccifitsipyyut this building on matepial vidy and kolichectvennomy codepzhaniyu ppimenyaemogo vyazhyschego veschectva. Total klaccifikatsiya building concrete construction concrete can be ppigotovlen on neopganicheckih and opganicheskix vyazhyschix veschectvah. In asphalt concrete and plastbetone icpolzyyutsya opganicheckie vyazhuschie. And takix vidax concrete kak tsementny, lime, gypsum concrete, and heat-resistant kiclotoypopny, icpolzyyutcya neorganicheckie vyazhyschie matter. Naibolshyyu popylyapnoct imeet cement, kotory in bulk from zavicimocti maccy delitcya ocobo to heavy (over 2500), heavy (from 1800 to 2500), light (500 to 1800) ocobo and lightweight (less than 500). Syschectvuyut cledyyuschie mapki concrete Firmware least vozpastaniya prochnosti: M100, M150, M200, M250, M300, M350, M400, M450, M500, M600, M800, extra-heavy brand of concrete M400, MZ50, MZ00 icpolzyyut for protective soopyzheny, THEIR produce ppeimyschectvenno nA poptlandtsementax and ickysctvennyx or bioclimatic zapolnitelyax (limonite, magnetit, bapit, obpezki apmatypy or chygynny ckpap). Zavodah usually made at this building matepial mapok from 100 to 400, so kak bolee prochnye primenyayutcya Construction ochen seldom.

Structural concrete mapok M200 and M100 lightweight concrete manufactured on the matter and gidravlicheckom vyazhyschem popistyh zapolnitelyax, lightweight concrete used various kinds of naimenovaniya kotopyh zavicyat vida ppimenennogo zapolnitelya – claydite, vermikulitobeton, perlitobeton, pemzobeton, and tufobeton dpugie. By ctepeni and stpyktype zapolneniya intergranular ppoctpanctva data types are divided into conventional lightweight concrete, lightweight malopeschanye, lungs and kpupnopopictye legkie cement concretes c kamnem, porous at pomoschi gazo or penoobpazovateley. Shipoko ppimenyatsya began building concrete M100, M150 and M200, M100 concrete stamps are made to graviynom, lime and gpanitnom schebne. This matepial used in ocnovnom, DURING ppovedenii podgotovitelnyx pabot peped fill monolitnyh fundamentov plates. Also, dropped into this mapku ppimenyayut at izgotovlenii floors, screeds, under fyndamentov nebolshie coopyzheniya, pouring concrete sidewalks, construction of concrete dopog in kachectve podyshki and ystanovki bopdyupa. Structural concrete used in the M200 mapki ocnovnom for izgotovleniya concrete ctyazhek polov, fyndamentov, otmostok, dopozhek etc. In individyalnom construction, concrete strength mapki M200 vpolne enough to pesheniya mnogix ctandaptnyh construction tasks: slab, strip and pile-poctvepkovye fyndamenty; izgotovlenie podpornyx walls, concrete lectnits, dopozhek, ploschadok, otmostok etc.

At JBK kombinatax and concrete products Concrete zavodax etoy mapki do nappimep, dopozhnye plate. As well as the M100, M200 ppimenyayut dopozhnom in construction, concrete kachectve podyshki and uctanovki bopdyup. M200 is the most concrete and pacprostpanennaya mapka y Many ppedpriyaty is lidepom prodazh. Ppoizvodctvo concrete stamps to M200 may gpaviynom, izvectkovom and gpanitnom schebne. In ppodazhe M100 and M200 mapki, chasche all imeyutcya with the mobility of P1-P4 and R1-R4 stiffness.

Strip Foundation

The main area of strip foundation are buildings with heavy walls (brick, concrete, stone), and heavy floor slabs. Strip foundation is located on the perimeter exterior walls, and placed under the supporting inner walls of buildings or other areas with increased load. Also strip foundation is well-suited for homes, which is planned to create basement, garage or basement. Strip foundation is also suitable in the case of a possible slight deformation of the base. Typically, strip footing located below the level of soil freezing at 20 cm of sandy soil You can lay the strip foundation and higher levels of freezing, but not more than 60 cm from ground level.

For deep-freezing and highly swelling soils usually strip foundation shall not apply. Process itself strip foundation construction is simple, on the other hand it requires a fairly high cost of materials and work on the construction of the foundation. There are criteria for the minimum thickness of the foundation, which can be used building a house. Thus, the minimum thickness of reinforced concrete strip foundation – 10 cm of concrete – 25 cm, rubble concrete foundation – 35 cm, well and laying of natural stone – 50 cm in the construction of strip foundation to be also take into account the permissible load on the soil under the foundation. For clay soils at a depth of 80 cm load should not exceed 2 kg/cm2. In addition to pouring the foundation concrete mixtures, often strip foundations erected using ready-made foundation blocks or bricks.

This speeds up the process of building a foundation. It should also be noted that during the construction of strip foundation is an opportunity to save money raising the foundation to the full depth only during the construction of heavy structures. There is still the most reliable option strip foundation remains solid foundation, more time-consuming and requires prior creating formwork and reinforcement training design to increase strength strip foundation. And in this case, the valves must be connected to each other by welding.

The Ceiling In The House As The Sky … It’s Easy !

Plain whitewashed ceiling – this is already commonplace in the modern world, agree. Although you can call it a classic. Still more residents prefer to experiment, to emphasize the individuality of interior, to try something new and fashionable. One such interesting interior design ideas can be called a stretch ceilings "starry sky". Recreated with the help of cloth and light sources, "the sky on the ceiling give an elegant color of the room. Plenty of room for experimentation here is unusually wide, embodiments limited only by imagination. Such suspended ceilings have different decoration features a unique technology lighting design always brings to the interior of the uniqueness and stylishness. You can capture on the ceiling of his room a chaotic scattering of stars or a certain zodiacal constellation, cosmic landscape or signs of falling comets choose a play or a simulation of motion.

Stretch ceilings "starry sky" – this is a work of art, the creation of which requires both creative thinking and great professionalism. Build your home your own "heaven" can be several ways – depending on the desired effect. However, the design principle remains unchanged: a light source and optical fiber cable (sometimes these components are added to fine nozzle). When installing fiber-optic filaments are assembled together with an optical projector, and the ends of the threads on one side mounted on the surface of the ceiling, and on the other – are attached to the projector. Generally, to create Standard effect "starry sky" requires about one hundred fibers per square meter stretch ceiling. But the more complex design – the more the number of fibers. The most complex composition with the effect of flickering Stars line up not using the projector, and thanks to the software control unit.

The block is connected to the led and allows you to recreate the dynamics of the "sky" in the room. If you want to see in the room "Shooting Stars", then installation of stretch ceiling is taken lacquer painting, and fiber-optic filaments, which are then pulled from a cloth to 15-20 inches (sometimes more). If you want a little head thrown back, watch a light scattering of stellar evening, then again deploy the fiber. Only his glowing ends are not running out, and are projected onto the inner surface of the canvas. Well, if you want to make a bright "starry sky", there is need to display tips fiber of the canvas at some millimetrov.Esche one option to create a shimmering sky on the ceiling – it's "implementation" spotlights a small diameter in a sheet. Using a special circuit breaker can be regulate the level of illumination in the room. From a technical point of view, suspended ceilings "starry sky" can be performed across the ceiling surface or on a specific part. They are also easily and harmoniously "Coexist" with other features of the interior lighting. And it is allowed any use of the density of optical fibers, depending on the design solution. In any case, the suspended ceiling "Starry Sky" will be look incredibly mysterious and unusual.

Beer Brewers

To sip of beer gave the man not only happiness thirst quencher, but also enjoy wonderful taste, the brewers need to work hard. It would seem that what is easier – to take the malt, hops, yeast water, yes, and it's done! However, not all so simple. On the quality of each component and strict compliance of production technology depends on whether the beverage is poured into the cup of the gods, or we get a liquid misunderstanding. Therefore, the art of brewing has always been honored for decent and respectable occupation, but its secrets were passed down from generation to generation. Now most beer made from barley malt, though some of the drink recipes you can find malt, wheat, rye, corn and oats. Sometimes used in several types of malt. Malt called sprouted grain crops.

For the preparation of high quality beer is very important to choose the right this component. Get malt special varieties of barley. Grains are cleaned, screened and selected. Followed by disinfection stage, after which the substrate is soaked for several days. Each grain carefully inspected experts before being decision about whether it is worthy to become the basis of the drink. During soaking, favorable environment for germination of seeds, and at this time begin to form the basic taste of the malt. Once the grain germinate, they are dried and cleaned of germs. The resulting malt should ripen for a month in special circumstances, until his tasting quality is not reached its climax.

Laminate Flooring Premium

Laminate flooring (laminate or laminate) – this is the only leader in sales among a relatively new product in the field of floor coverings. Thanks to modern decor, a new surface structure, there immeasurable feeling of absolute naturalness and genuineness of sex. Due to the increasing volume of construction and relatively high prices to the floor and work on its installation and dedication of people age-old traditions use of wood in interior design, it was dictated in favor of laminate flooring. Many manufacturers of laminates, after analyzed the properties of ordinary wooden coverings have created a material that not only was to have better performance and durability, but became different relatively low cost. This material has very accurately imitate natural parquet floors, antique wooden board, tiling. Also, laminate is suitable for processing different types of interiors with any traffic (shops, restaurants, offices, exhibition and sports halls, hallways, bedrooms, nurseries, etc.). Laminate floors are laid on an existing base of "floating" manner.

This method of installation has made laminated covering the most convenient and practical for installation in historic buildings in Western Europe. Premium products – a whole philosophy, the philosophy of the people for whom these products are created, not just an expensive product. And not only the price here is the main criterion. As well as on any other market, the production of such coatings are applied the most modern technology and modern design. To determine an accurate assessment of quality in 1999 were introduced by the European norms of laminate flooring, which were approved by the European Association of manufacturers of laminate flooring (EPLF), which already includes about 20 countries. Each type of flooring is being tested on 18 different tests are conducted in accordance with strict requirements of the Association, including checking for impact resistance, moisture resistance, sound insulation, abrasion resistance, ecological purity materials, etc. On the basis of tests carried out sex assigned certain class of wear-resistant coatings. The most popular classes in Russia today – a 32 and 33 class. Therefore, the higher class laminate, the longer its life.