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The name EAGLE is an acronym and stands for: easily applicable graphical layout editor. EAGLE is a complete tool with layout, schematic, and Autorouter module. CadSoft has true Meanwhile made his announcement in November 2011 and finally released the version 6 of its popular PCB design software EAGLE. There are six comprehensive innovations that show why the programmers eventually so much time until the final release of version 6 have been left. 1. Data can be modified outside of EAGLE for EAGLE 6, a redesign of the XML structure of the programme took place as perhaps the most important novelty. It is now possible to manipulate data outside of EAGLE. This significantly increases the productivity of the user: so, for example, data from other projects can be imported easily.

This is that EAGLE also based on ASCII format, ensures a high degree of flexibility for the user. 2. Various projects can be merged with copy and paste EAGLE offers 6 options Standard and professional the ability to combine different projects with copy and paste. This consistency is maintained. In this way, multi-channel products can be created much easier.

3. Routing capabilities are optimized for EAGLE 6 the routing capabilities of the program have been largely optimized. So there is now an undo-redo log, which improves your own workflow. The internal resolution increased significantly (up to 1/64 mm grids are possible). Effect is that the conversion between mm and inches this is optimized. Newly added is the differential pair routing. Different signals can thus be laid in fact exactly the same length. For this purpose, meanders are automatically as an aid. They serve in traces, to increase the delay time within digital Hochgeschwindigekeitssignalen. Also the ULP was improved: BGA-escape routing more than 1000 lines can be connected to clean the BLA. 4. The library editor was also the editor of the library has been optimized for improved. A pin can be connected in EAGLE 6 with several pads. While the number of pads can be exactly defined. In contrast to the earlier versions, the symbols are also visually appealing. They appear also faster. By improving the editor it is also possible to draw any pad shapes, and-Konturen. The final outline is created via the WIRE – or POLYGON command. In addition, the limitation was lifted technologies and packages in the library. 5. Layout editor has been enhanced comprehensive extensions took place In the layout editor. Printed circuit boards can be automatically dimensioned, it is possible in EAGLE 6 to provide Keepout areas with cutout polygons and so precisely to define it also. Assembly variants can be used flexibly: various lamp options can be specified on a Board on the schematic. Text can be placed also effortlessly anywhere new with just a mouse click. 6. Comprehensive customization options EAGLE 6 follows quite the trend of the times in which design programs increasingly need to provide customization options. Schematics, boards, plan pages and also symbols can be fitted with self-written descriptions. So significantly increases the user friendliness of the designs. But also the graphical interface of the program itself can be adapted. EAGLE 6 allows you to create your own context menu and so to make the program as it is most beneficial to their own work.