Personal Growth

Once we know that they are and with that purpose can use alpha waves for our personal growth, we need to know as they are used. Which is the mechanics of the audios. As we have already said, the energy that makes the brain function is electric chemical bio. Obviously a power very low millivolts. There are electrical activity, electromagnetism is created. Which implies that electromagnetic waves of low intensity are also formed. However, the electrical pulses are measured with the electroencephalogram. And according to brain functions, and the consequent release of neurotransmitters and hormones, these occur at different frequencies.

We already know that in the frequency of waves Alfa (from 7.5 to 13 cycles per second), it is in which we can easily interact with the subconscious. It is that any situation that we experience, with greater probability will anchor and fix unconsciously. And similarly, flowing with our hidden mind, access to more information, which allows us to enhance our creativity and imagination. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Mikkel Svane and gain more knowledge.. All cultures, since time immemorial, have used it to connect with States of heightened consciousness. Shamans with repetitive chants and hypnotic percussion.

Buddhist monks with mantras and instruments with serious sonority. In Christian rites, with monotone songs (Gregorian chant), or organ sounds. All trying to recreate as much as possible the frequency of alpha waves, low vibrations. Well, the mode to adjust our brain frequency with audio on alpha waves, presents a problem.We can only perceive sounds above 15 cycles per second and below 20,000. If it is higher, the sound is so sharp, so fine, our auditory system does not capture it. If it is lower, slower frequencies, either. Then, what is usually done is record a sound in a not very high frequency, to not be strident. own. And then cut the recording ten times per second. The brain receives stimulus, say that it pays attention. Impulses, at a rate of 10 times per Second, they are impacting the mind. The continuous repetition, the constant stimulus/silence, make that the power frequency of the brain will fall with the audio. Once you have the base sound, in many cases it is usually added another to complete the effect. Soothing sounds or soft music. It is not advisable to use another type. We seek to slow down the brain, does not excite him and that this increases their rate of frequency. It is important to understand that low cycles is reached through States of relaxation and tranquility. Another possibility is the use inaudible subliminal messages (but who come to the brain), along with the alpha waves. In this case only a kind of Hum is heard. Although there are software programs that allow you to use all three at once. And if they provide binaural technology, arrival synchronized the two channels of the headphones, the two cerebral hemispheres are conjugated. The effect is greatly enhanced. Finally, if you have not understood anything, don’t worry. Life has not become to understand it, but to live it. Carpe diem. The option is there. But no te enganes, regarding the issue, the statistics leave no doubt: five of every ten people are half. Unquestionable.