Peru Communities

It can be concluded by mentioning that the invasions by the side of Junin is current and growing families from areas of social conflict (even where there is presence of narco terrorists) if Ayacucho, Junin, Huancavelica, and others with influence in the district Pichanaki, looking to increase their land, interest in raiding (Invading the Area) is for three reasons: abandonment of the Area by the state, promoting the new road (Via Pichis) and upland areas where suitable the cultivation of illicit crops and some coffee. Robotics wanted to know more. The abandonment is described that there is no model state presence in the area, nor has deployed some action aimed to highlight the importance of the area, unlike the side of Pasco, there are established communities Ashaninkas, a strategy that established the indigenous leaders who have promoted the settlement of communities in a sort of wall that protects the core of the geodesic center of Peru, which is why communities settled in the valley jumpers, bordering the protected natural area and the communal reserve, even with the passage of time there was some weakness in the care of the border areas, where High Neguache (upper) and the nascent nazarategui and azupizu, where he now focuses the problem of invasions, preventive action has taken his native communities, including proposed approach and consistent, not to pay attention to this area could be another conflict zone, specifically in the Neguache Center (south east of Puerto Bermudez) where they would be installing large areas of illicit crops (coca, poppy) an area inaccessible. AOLs opinions are not widely known. .