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Computer hardware part 10: The CPU cache in the cache. What is it actually? Many talk in various contexts, for example in the browser. All look”your cache. It helps sometimes, often even. When the CPU but the cache of the user can be controlled, because the CPU automatically regulates everything. The cache itself is a fast cache (when the browser according to the hard disk) as in the browser. However, the CPU cache today next to the processor sitting on the same chip.

Usually the is limited to a few KB. There, some people may wonder why this is good. The beauty of it: The cache can attract themselves with the same frequency as the CPU itself. It is not so limited on the storage bars that sit somewhere else on the motherboard yet over wide”tracks must be communicated and the run itself with a slower clock. Now the question is next: why now already 32GByte fit just a few KB on my USB stick and it’s so beautiful small. “.” First, we reduce our thoughts with the price. Cache is expensive.

Very expensive. Would you build said 32GB-Stick with appropriate current cache memory, then you can describe fully it within a few seconds. A really great thing. Unfortunately nobody can pay for. And we all know that our USB sticks often go with write speeds of 5 and less Mbytes per second on the nerves. Stinginess is cool and quite entitled in the case. As a second reason, there is still the meaningfulness of the cache. It is a cache. And if this is enormous, then the management and search effort no longer worthwhile in relation to the provided performance gain. The CPU must also regulate what may in that fast memory and what’s out. By the way there are other caches, for example in drives. A hard drive or a DVD drive also have a cache that caches data. This will be not given but for the time being. In the next part, added some more explanations to the cache. Among other features the different levels. See also: computer hardware – conveys clear – part 1: introduction to computer hardware – understandable conveys – part 2: the real innovations in computer hardware – number systems computer hardware clearly conveys – part 3: – clearly conveys – part 4: number systems 2 computer hardware – understood conveys part 5: binary numbers of computer hardware – understood conveys part 6: coding standards computer hardware – understandable conveys – part 7: the personal computer computer hardware – mediated understandable – the basic structure of the CPU computer hardware part 8: – conveys clear – part 9: The author Michael Sander article for pages where you can find cheap E.g. sofas also writes the clock frequency in his spare time.