Radio Frequency Labels

This monograph showed study on the use of technology RFID; technology that uses the radio waves automatically to identify people, animals and objects; applied in the management of the warehouse of a multinational company, located in the city of Matozinhos, MG. Its objective is to evaluate the effectiveness of technology RFID, through a simulation, in the attendance to the particularitities of the control of the processes that involve the identification of asset in this warehouse, where the intelligent labels supplied by technology RFID must inform to the control system its parameters, what it makes possible the automatic identification of asset. So that the considered objective was reached was made bibliographical study, in order to get knowledge on the main characteristics that involve the technology, beyond analysis of the logistic one of the warehouse sector, through the study of the current processes, analysis of viability in search of vulnerabilities and to know the existing tools in the market for creation of the simulator environment. The software tools had been described proposals for the Rifidi for simulator environment implantation, being carried through comparative between them on the basis of the parameters defined in the sections of analyses, for choice of the adequate solution. After defined the tool, a study of case based on the implantation of software in a computer, being carried through the configuration and execution of this software was made. The results had allowed to evaluate the effectiveness of the process of automatic identification of asset in movement in the controlled environment, being also applied in the comparative degree with the results of the processes used currently..