I am in Mendoza, Argentina; I go to my room and I have an email that says: please call at Merida. Filed under: Donald W Slager. I hear a phone message from my sister, she asks me to call your cell phone. Other two missed calls do not need to call, I know immediately. My sister doesn’t know how tell me and gives turns, I do brief. Sounds my phone again, it is my son who tells me that it is about to take a plane to go to the meeting with his grandmother with her family. I am pleased that he has thought about it. My mother sounds quiet, perhaps is in shock, it tells me that it don’t worry me, I in no way would come in time for the funeral acts. -Now I am not going to be with my father, I’m going to hug you and be with you.

-I hope you son concludes. I can not go out by air from Mendoza, there is strike on Lan Chile, Aerolineas Argentinas has saturated flights. I take a bus that will take me to Buenos Aires in twelve hours to collect all my things in a Department that there I have rented. I take a plane that will take me to the city in ten hours of Mexico. Four hours in DF, a plane to Tuxtla Gutierrez because there are no spaces available in direct flights to Merida. I arrived two days after receiving the news.

Children, siblings and grandchildren are bound to Harbor my mother what a family! If the saw my father surely would be more proud than ever. Love butt, without conditions; love in spite of the success and failure, love not only by the virtues but with all one’s heart, despite the flaws. Love with consciousness and with the firm intention to do so. Love in the good is so easy, loving at all times that is love.