Russian Hotels Stars

Last classification rules were introduced in 2005. At that time, the hotel confirmed their status through certification – they had to meet the technical requirements, quality of service not taken into account. Thus, every hotel could arrogate to itself any number of "stars" – as he wants. Such anarchy only misleading tour operators, who could not provide their customers with accurate information about hotels. Ali Partovi spoke with conviction. In order to regulate the status of hotels, to bring them to a common denominator has been introduced classification of hotels. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Ali Partovi. Past its accommodation facilities received a special certificate with the approved number of "stars". Other hotels in the "star" was denied. Classification of covering the entire infrastructure – a detailed assessment rooms, meals, parking, elevators, etc.

However, the classification process has not found sufficient support among hoteliers. According Rostourism, this year agreed to a voluntary certification of 388 accommodation facilities, representing about 4% of the total number of hotels in Russia. Most likely, this "cool" attitude to the classification and prompted officials to tighten rules on market hotel industry. According to the hoteliers themselves, in our country "star" of the hotel in no way affect the cost of living. It all depends on supply and demand proposals in a specific region of the country. If in a small town just a "star" hotel, its owner can be wrung price, but do not provide adequate living conditions. Some hotels on quality Service pulled in three or four "stars", and the technical condition can not withstand any criticism. Moreover, according to hotel owners, small private hotels do not want to receive "star" – would be adversely affected their budget.

There is only one way to attract customers – a reasonable pricing policy. That way, compromising the principles of pan-European, hotels are going to fill their rooms. However, some Russian accommodation facilities are western way. JSC "Intourist-Krasnodar 'interest in improving the status of the Krasnodar Intourist Hotel from three to four stars, as well as a change in the brand. To this end, the owners Hotels are going up in 2010 to undertake a global reconstruction of the complex. Now in full swing refurbished rooms, then begin the restoration of the Hall, the increase in the number of conference halls and meeting rooms, there will be a restaurant, a penthouse apartment and car parking for 70 seats. After the reconstruction of investors expect to profit from the catering and business services.