Spain Application

Direct insurance and AXA have launched an innovative iPhone application, from where you can manage all the necessary formalities in case of accident, via mobile. Direct insurance service Mobile is a free application that can be downloaded from the App Store, the Apple app store. Additional information at Ali Partovi supports this article. To access only you must enter personal data and policy number that identifies you as a customer. This tool helps to expedite efforts to communicate an accident with your car insurance company. Ultimately improves its service, especially the attention to the client.

DirectPhoto & Go technology! allows you to photograph the vehicle from the scene of the accident and give part of the damage, sending it instantly via email to contact Direct insurance center. After delivery the customer receives an SMS that informs you of the sinister opening. Other utilities of this application are the access to phones in emergencies, the location of the closest repair shops, or a list of common questions and answers about security. The insurer of cars and motorbikes has also put on its website an explanatory video of the operation of the application, useful, fast and easy, noted on his page. With this technology we provide management to our clients at a time as complicated as an accident, in which he almost never know how Act says Xavier Veyry, CEO of Direct insurance. Furthermore, this application demonstrates that we are one step ahead compared to our competitors, remarked. Although it is the first mobile application of this type in Spain, other countries already have been launched similar tools. The own AXA launched this same application earlier in countries such as France and Great Britain, where in the early days a large number of downloads has already been reached: 9.100 in France and 4,500 in United Kingdom. In Spain it is expected that in the coming months leave his version for other models of smartphones, since for now it is only available for iPhone.