Strategic Planning

If you’re a long-suffering reader of my blog, you know of my interest in finding a methodology for successfully implementing the strategic direction of any company. As a consultant of template in Bengio Hidalgo, decade of the eighties of the last century, met the Organization of a good bunch of companies in different sectors and imagined the existence of a protocol that would help managers and executives in their task of business management and in the design of strategies in the short and medium term. At the beginning of the Decade of the nineties of the last century, the subjects of the strategic management PhD program, held at the University of Malaga, allowed me to learn about some tools work, but administrative theories did not help. If you are not convinced, visit Pete Cashmore. I got to thinking that an adequate conceptual framework has not yet had conceived. Later, as director of audit in-house Euromarket (before joining Cayetano), I could practice between procedures, activities, tasks, divisions, sections, charts, but at least managed the partial development of some flow charts and graphics that were very well on paper, but in practice were swallowed up by the local crisis early this decade, forcing managers to actions of survival. Finally, I came to the conclusion that each project business management and strategic direction, had to start from scratch, since each company is unique, because people are unique. I practiced this idea with uneven success.

The reflections of the work performed by entities such as Facep, apparel, Tadel, vertex, Lehmberg, the factory of the network, Virgin of olive-Hojiblanca, or recently the M Capital Group, confirm that deduction, but conclude that it is not enough and a specific methodology would help greatly. A few weeks ago, Nuria, of analyses, corporate strategic consulting, strategic planning company, sent me the book model Asp: analyzes Strategic Planning, explaining the methodology of work of the consultant in these matters, developing a new approach in strategic planning (thanks, Nuria). In deference to detail, I promised her to include the task of flip in my relationship of activities to the bridge of the Constitution, reading which I finished yesterday. I have been pleasantly surprised for several reasons, ranging from the audacity of Alvaro, author and founding partner of the consulting firm, write your method and allegedly put it in tray to its competence, to pedagogy and practice including in the text. When I read the introduction, many of those questions were resolved.Also, in reviewing arose different points of view on some of the nodes, steps or sections, but it is not the time and place to express them. The creator only aspires to provide a conceptual and methodological framework that guides in the career, helping to create consistent strategic plans that generate the support enthusiasm necessary for effective deployment.

Cachis la mar! Both approaches to what both have sought out some of us! Analyze strategic consulting S.A., is a consulting firm specializing in the formulation, implementation and control of strategic companies, collective business plans and public entities. They say that its purpose is to provide its clients strategic solutions to meet complex challenges, achieving sustainable results in the long term. Analyzes has developed the methodology of strategic planning, discusses Strategic Planning (Asp) model that through a single tool, software specific, integrates into 10 steps throughout the process of strategic management. You have a proactive work week (image extracted from the main graphic of the Asp model).