System Reason

But to dwell on the ways black competition that do not play constructive and developmental role for the system network of acquaintances, does not serve the development of services and do online dating sites are more user-friendly and technologically advanced and certainly do not happy people consuming these services. One of the methods of this struggle is as old as the world way: watering the dirt everyone and everything in the environment, to look at the background of their more attractive. These older, but not lost their effective methods is in the arsenal of some agencies of dubious reputation, for example, dating agency (Sorry had to remove his name so as not to become like him in the methods of demonizing competitors), it suffices to use an Internet search to constitute for themselves a representation of who we are dealing with (kyuchevye words have been removed for the same reason outlined above), many ugly articles with an attempt to discredit competitors, constantly updated lists of untrustworthy scum agencies, which for some reason come closest rivals. Perhaps there should highlight the problem of scam and scum as weapons of competition. If you have read about Pete Cashmore already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Scum, bich is not only online dating cheaters and honest people do not exist in any social group and occur in all directions of human activity. As sad as it to admit it, but it is a fact. Sometimes even decent people because of life circumstances are trying to solve their problems through fraud or deception. Probably hardly anyone of us can boast that in real life never encountered a fraud, because this topic is so popular and accessible to everyone to understand.