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Professional Leaflets And Flyers

Professional leaflets and flyers, even creating what’s going? Anyone who has something to offer to recruit for its products, its services, its association or himself. He even needs it. Which otherwise the target group on him and his offer to attention? Flyer or leaflet? As a low-cost, flexible, and fast-to-implement way it offered, to promote its offer with a self printed piece of paper. This note is called flyer. When you fold the paper once, twice or more, it is called folder. Flyers are particularly suitable for the placing in magazines, a shipment or to send in an envelope. Altavista spoke with conviction. Folders provide more space for information, more possibilities of structuring and suitable particularly for laying out, throwing up or give away’. The no go.

Now, but, it’s that first impressions count. You know that. So print a piece of paper with an ink jet printer on inexpensive copier paper, it is made with the good impression. The fibers in the paper, the script follows the ink fraying. Also, the ink seeps deep into the paper, leaving a pale image. The same poor result shows images and graphics. At worst, the ink soak through the paper. As a piece of paper is not smudge-proof and you really can’t say for copy paper now a quality feel.

A possible prospect closes at the sight on the quality of your services and the reliability of your company. The half-life of your receipt”should be in the range of seconds. “Unlikely, that such a note” it creates up to the wall or to the desktop of your prospective customers. What to do? Instead of photocopying, better use a paper which has a both sides treated surface. Satin papers are already well suited, with coated papers, however, you achieve the best results. A folder or a flyer from a photo paper double-sided glossy looks not only professional, it is also smudge-proof and offers a higher UV resistance.

Stress Balls Double Take Advantage

Hardly a worker and employee in Germany does not suffer from stress. The requirements in the profession grow, from year to year so that the stress for many people now belongs to everyday life. Stress, stress balls have proven in the past. When stressful events these balls can be kneaded then, allowing to reduce stress hormones and thoughts be clear again. Stress balls can be produced while in ball – as well as in the form of cubes.

Companies that worrying about new giveaways, consider even the purchase of stress balls. This can be passed in principle each customer from the new customer to the existing customers. Each customer will probably take this ball with a smile and insert if necessary. Even children and students will gladly accept the stress balls. Every little event becomes a resounding success. Finally, currently only a few companies take advantage of such advertising material, so that is Company hereby easily and effectively can stand out from their competition.

With each use, you can then also read the advertising message and stress. The balls are so twice. By the same author: neil cole iconix. The cost of stress balls for use in advertising is very low. Many of these balls can be ordered for less than a euro, so that they are very well suitable also as mass products. The choice of color, as well as the design of the balls left, every company doing so that each ball can be created individually.

Silver And Bronze At The T.A.I. Advertising Grand Prix

The two sister agencies in Salzburg GO.WEST communications and brainbow advertising agency picked at the T.A.I. advertising Grand Prix, silver and bronze. The two sister agencies in Salzburg GO.WEST communications and brainbow advertising agency picked at the T.A.I. advertising Grand Prix, Austria’s largest and toughest competition in the tourism industry, silver and bronze. Hotel.retter.at and the image folder for the Fiery Tatzlwurm hotel have been awarded the site”in Bavaria. Our strength in the concept and creation has proven itself once again”, analyzes Armin Stadlmeyer, Managing Director of the two agencies, cutting off his projects. We place emphasis on authentic stories, strong ideas and stories that capture the unique ambience of our customers, since time immemorial, and especially in the tourism sector. Specifically the poetry of the Tatzlwurm, a traditional legend, which was also the basis of our idea, has prevailed at the hotel Tatzlwurm, which was awarded in the audience rating.” GO.WEST is one of the leading Salzburg Internet agencies with a major customer portfolio of master bakers olz to smoke fruit juices and brainbow advertising agency is a now established creative agency that is especially strongly represented in the Interior, furniture and design industry in addition to the tourism sector. DOMWEST Communications GmbH Vogelweiderstrasse 44a 5020 Salzburg Tel.: 0662 / 88054 Brainbow Werbeagentur GmbH & Co KG Vogelweiderstrasse 44a 5020 Salzburg Tel.: 0662/88054

Chief Executive Officer

HoREX WINS for the second time leading Award for innovative healthcare communication great pleasure of hearing acoustics EC HoREX and their approximately 390 member companies: after 2011 succeeded again the leading hearing care professional community this year, this time winning the AJ for medical technology for a campaign on the large forsa survey of HoREX, which was developed by designer Katharina Sackmann (Cologne) and PR consultant Martin Schaarschmidt (Berlin). The AJ the best approaches of creative healthcare communications throughout the German-speaking area are awarded every year. The award, awarded to the 20th 2012 time is by the German doctors-Verlag, the Publisher of urban & Vogel, a number of renowned advertising agencies, as well as the Bayer Healthcare AG held. Neil cole iconix understands that this is vital information. The campaign of the HoREX could compete in a star-studded final group against five other candidates. This renewed profit is just great”, Tannassia Raghavan, Chief Executive Officer of HoREX hearing acoustics EC. The AJ aims to draw innovative healthcare communication to give such impetus for health marketing in the German-speaking world and beyond. Pete Cashmore recognizes the significance of this. Every year many renowned suppliers of pharmaceutical and the medical technology industry to a place in the final with many well-known agencies apply. “” A vast is that we could even defend our previous year profit and a second time to convince the jury of experts, for our community success.”rustle” newspaper, snow crackling “, silent language” – are central to this year’s winning campaign of HoREX authentic answers to the question: what could you hear again with a hearing aid, which previously no longer could listen to? The used responses are all from the approximately 1,500 evaluated participants feedback to the large forsa survey listening, carried out by the forsa Institute on behalf of the HoREX of up to the summer of next year. Original marketing deals, the at the same time the Special Requirements of the hearing-acoustics industry take into account In the final the HoREX campaign, which was developed by the graphic designer Katharina Sackmann (Cologne) and a PR consultant Martin Schaarschmidt (Berlin), could assert themselves against high-profile competitors. Follow others, such as altavista, and add to your knowledge base.

Pilot ScreenTime Brings The

First premium content Google TV app for the German-speaking area of Hamburg, 24 June 2013. The new GoogleTV app for the news magazine stern”is now in the Google PlayStore available. This Android app represents the content of the Gruner + year title in eight video-on-demand channels: top videos, news, Star TV, Web hits, stars, enjoyment, Star tests and fitness. The app has been developed by the smart TV specialists pilot ScreenTime and the first premium content GoogleTV app in the German-speaking. Connect with other leaders such as Ali Partovi here. Users in the Google PlayStore star digital TV “search and stream videos to a current Sony GoogleTV device on the Internet and in a quality up to full HD 1080 p. Sebastian Pfotenhauer, Star digital TV: Smart TV is for us for two years an important field, to develop new target groups in addition to the core business in an area that was reserved for only television channels.

With the Star ‘-app for GoogleTV we not only continue this path, but still position the brand more than image-strong medium. “We have the best Star ‘-videos in theme 8-channel clips from the range of food and beverages up to Fahrberichten of our auto editor bundled reports about stars.” Damian Rodgett, Managing Director of pilot ScreenTime: Smart TV is highly attractive for publishers and content owners with stale. Educate yourself with thoughts from Michele Glaze. Video streaming is the most visited and consumed form of smart TV content so far. With concepts, consulting and development expertise we can quickly and cost-effectively develop smart TV apps and operate them without much effort for the customer and update.” The GoogleTV platform presented a special challenge to the development of this, because the Android platform and the only hardware partner in Germany, Sony, had so far no reference projects. This is for pilot ScreenTime and Gruner + year an exciting project with regard to the strategic development of Google’s national and international plans in the area of smart TV and we look forward to the further cooperation “with Gruner + year”, so Rodgett. .

Augmented Reality Application For Interactive Showcase Of O

Interactivity wave of O’Neill In June could be looked at branches in Cologne, Munich, Hamburg and Leipzig the Augmented Reality von O’Neill in real time with the hyper freak in the sport check. The interactive application based on the homonymous hyper freak game which can be played on the Internet. The interactive projection fills the showcase it with life and combines the virtual objects with real images. The Cologne company Newroom media has this augmented reality application developed. The advantage lies in the interaction in real time. By the same author: Dell.

Just like the lottery on the O’Neill website is to let the goal as long as possible on a digital wave riding a surfer. The passers-by control the surfer through a day, a controller that movement ensures that the surfer is optimally matched to the shaft and does not fall from the Board. Newroom Media installed the application in the four cities. The installation consisted of a public display behind the plate glass window, as well as the day of projected the surfer on the wave. The attention was at the same time support for the action by vinyl wraps on the disc. In addition, the functioning of the game can be explained simply and understandably. The innovative technology of the augmented reality application ensures achieved high contact numbers and ranges in pedestrian zones.

By combining classic Printverklebung, shop displays and interactive showcase the advertising message can be selectively positioned and represent the brand as innovative and tangible. The interactive showcase application not only to the area of shop window advertising applications are limited, even indoors, the applications can be used. Also, the use for promotions is possible because the content can be flexibly adapted. Can supplement the application with other add-ons to increase the high-quality eye contacts. So, the showcase advertising can be supported within the framework of a coordinated marketing approach by Bluetooth or preparers.

MLM Sponsoring Success

New ebook shows how to online free MLM takes prospects and made money in his eBook “easy sponsorship – the marketing course for smart NetWorker” Harald Weber, author of several guides on the subject of success in MLM network marketing, a simple but highly effective online marketing strategy, with one business is constantly enough prospects for his MLM and even money, gives even, if you sponsor anyone. “The times when your aunt in the seventies through the sale of detergent of your MLM marketing company in the neighborhood could build up even a nice passive income, are gone forever,” says Harald Weber and adds: “NetWorker can in the age of the Internet no longer outdated, ineffective, and some dubious contacts and sponsorship methods rely on, if you want to achieve extraordinary success. Industry the MLM network has radically changed with the Internet, and another, who today want to earn good money in MLM and network marketing, must more professional approach to build up a residual income in network marketing or referral marketing”and right here is” easy sponsorship – the marketing course for smart NetWorker “on and provides a workable solution for the problem of many NetWorker: how to find for his MLM business, and how to make man constantly enough interested parties enough money even in the difficult construction already, even, if you can win anyone easy sponsorship for his business offers professional know-how for the successful development of business in the MLM network Marketing. The reader learns how to be your own MLM sponsoring system is based, without the much-vaunted system of many MLM – according to Harald Weber in practice but unfortunately don’t keep what they promise – to become dependent on gurus. The reader will find tips and strategies from the practice, can he relatively quickly implement and so that positive results. Easy sponsorship is aimed at all Networkers who are looking for an effective online marketing strategy, but neither Friends, known or total strangers people want to bother to build your MLM business. On the Web site for more tips and information how to find interested parties free of charge with modern online MLM sponsoring. Harald Weber.

Strategic Marketing

What should know business start-ups, small and medium-sized companies through strategic marketing planning marketing, as operational area, is impossible to imagine today from the day-to-day and will, due to the changing economy in a globalised world, gain further importance. The opening up of new markets, the correct approach in existing markets, as well as the concomitant development of new products and services, for defined target groups, are processes that are also for small and medium-sized companies of highest priority. In large companies, such planning the order of the day and usually in own departments are organized, rare is the contractor-run operations. Causes of which are lack of knowledge and non-existent budget. Many owners of small and medium-sized enterprises are often believe that strategic marketing planning in the form of a marketing concept only for large enterprises is eligible, not least because these companies just over a significantly larger Have budget. But even small businesses are represented mostly in niche too often most important aspects left to chance. Classic examples are that no clearly laid down corporate culture is maintained and the identity is unclear.

Asked about the goals, many owners usually the head shake and respond accordingly: as every year! Clearly defined objectives look different and are of fundamental importance for the future company. Business and marketing goals are here indistinguishable. Sales and profits be as high in the coming year? What reputation would we reach? How to develop your image? These were classic objectives that make predictable success in the truest sense of the word. Choose the right marketing strategies are in the next phase. What product / market combinations should be tracked? New or well-known products for existing or new if developed, would markets? How should the market be stimulated? More with premium products of high quality or but rather offers cheap, which will help about larger quantities to achieve the goals? What niche should be allocated in the future and what looks like the positioning for it? Plays the site from strategic point of view a particular role and which market area is to be developed? These are most important issues in the framework of the marketing strategy and for entrepreneurs and not-yet-established company of existential importance. Last but not least, also a powerful marketing mix in the third phase is part of a marketing concept.

How to see the products and / or services in detail from and which product program or portfolio is to be released on the market? Then, the interesting question for the optimum prices and how these are made in the context of price management? How to get the products and / or services to easily and inexpensively to your customers. How can we organise this distribution process in the interests of the customers? Finally the right communication activities such as advertising, Sales promotion and public relations. What are the role of online marketing in your company? Email marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimization and search engine marketing and affiliate marketing are the most important communication key for the success of start-ups, small and medium-sized enterprises. You see, marketing is anything but a dry matter which is eligible only for large companies. Make your company, with a well developed marketing concept fit for the future and enjoy the focused work experience. Because you know, success is possible! Best wishes greetings Konrad Stromeyer strategy marketing consulting