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Biometric Biometry Systems

Biometric biometry, Systems and Control De Acceso The biometry is the science that is in charge of the identification of people. thus, the biometry studies the physiological qualities and of behavior, that causes that each person is unique of the others. Thanks to the biometry it is possible to establish clear differences between two people. The biometry had his first important uses at the end of century XIX, when it was possible to be established that the fingerprints were different in each human being. Then a method could be found, that it would be used by police institutions and that is at present in use. Over the years other qualities that also are particular to each individual, to these could be found denominated biometric indicators to them. The known biometric indicators more are: the fingerprints, the rainbow and the retina. However, other indicators like the characteristics of the face, the voice, the way exist to walk, to speak or to write.

All these indicators have happened to be used by agencies research, to being used by companies of technologies for the creation of so sounded biometric systems. The biometric systems are apparatuses that have many utilities. In the field of the security, these systems have come to be the favourites of many clients. This must to that these systems allow to restrict the access to places or information of forceful form. In this way, the biometric systems are the new paradigm for the access controls. An access control is a mechanism, that it avoids that wished people do not enter a protected place or who they accede to private information.

The first controls of access were the traditional doors, soon these were replaced by electronic doors that abran when using smart cards. Although these cards were a great advance, its effectiveness was affected by inescrupulosas people, who found the form to falsify them, to rob them simply or by individuals lent that them to others. When it is implemented a control of access, supported in biometric systems, is not possible that the key of access person different from their owner is used on the other. In fact, it is practically impossible that a person uses the biometric indicators of another one, not even is possible to deceive a system with mutilated parts, since the modern biometric apparatuses can determine if they are analyzing woven alive or in decomposition. In addition, the biometric systems, in spite of their reaches, frequently are monitored by security cameras, reason why any anomaly will be detected by support personnel. An access control can be reinforced with the aid of the biometric systems.