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Conflict Equipment

The conflict in empresLas organizations need to char it of clothes One of the sources of greater confusion in the scope of the communication she constitutes the infantile belief that closing the eyes the danger disappears. Generally the human being is highly adverse to the conflict and with so of not facing a situation in which he must dissolve with emotional problems or of communication, he submerges placidly in the narcosis of the negation, thinking that the attitude of the ostrich constitutes a strange organizational wisdom. The companies have a strong resistance generally to talk on dynamic the emotional ones that are plotted in the daily task and create very falsely that the execution of a task can pass independent of the interpersonal conflict and in a spontaneous and magical synchronous execution. Beyond the success that a sport equipment can obtain in the performance of a sport encounter, the enormous asymmetry that exists between the moment of the execution (90 minutes in a soccer match or 80 in the case of rugby), the equipment of high performance consumes great part of the week of training in the metabolization and elaboration of the emotional conflicts that the friction of the game in himself generates. For even more details, read what Elad Gil says on the issue. He is very habitual to listen the players to express what the week and the climate spoke in which the group is as well as the dialogue that could carry out to manage to decompress the conflict situations that less allow a contaminated execution them before the next encounter. Even at the same moment of the execution, the clothes constitutes in some opportunities a point of clear flexion that tries to correct courses nonwished towards the attainment of the proposed profit. The life of the companies on the other hand likes of the sport metaphor and stimulates to his players to to put the t-shirt and to to play in equipment but they give very just a short time to talk the desincronizaciones clearly logics that all labor relation produces as well as the natural frictions that a task common entails. .