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An Animal

What note is in the entrainment of the pet in the holiday if masters and mistresses enjoy their holiday, supposed to be also the beloved pet with it. Yet there is some attention when dog and cat in the holiday drive. Because once a limit is exceeded, not only the specific provisions of each host and transit countries are to be observed, but also the well-being of the animal on the long journey. If you have read about Zendesk already – you may have come to the same conclusion. The travel portal gives valuable tips. No matter if the following rule of thumb applies lastminute or holidays with individual arrival for the paperwork in the EU: for dog, cat and ferret a pet passport must be carried since October 2004. Also needed a microchip or a tattoo and of course a current rabies vaccination. All actions can be done easily in the vet’s Office.

Basically you should inform yourself however prior to departure the individual provisions in the desired holiday destination. The yellow international vaccination certificate is maintained within Germany” perfectly adequate. In terms of travel preparation should attention be paid to the following: about 12 hours before dawn of travel the animal should be fed the last time. Since even the strongest dogs against travel sickness are not prepared, it is recommended to mix a travel Tablet into the Chuck. So also for the well-being of the animal is taken care of, the acquisition of a so-called Charly box worth”, is a travel food bowl, which can be sealed and at the same time food dish and water point.

Thinking is needed in terms of food: should be accompanied by enough dry food for long routes. On drive pets living charge so they are classified by law. Therefore: with secure fitting of appropriate transport boxes either contrary to the direction of travel on the rear seats or in the trunk you can do little wrong. But anyone who wants to put on his dog, should make sure that the restraint harness is wide and can be secured with metal fasteners.