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Open Code Virtual Stores

He is very advisable to mount a virtual store using an own lodging because that will give more flexibility you at the time of realising modifications. Necessary software can be open source reason why it is free. Speaking candidly AOL told us the story. Software for the virtual stores is free because it is of open code. You can instalarte the store, but to do it to your measurement will require of knowledge. He is interesting to pay to a design of virtual store already fact and to raise it the lodging thinking that little the design in the future will be varied. The design can leave from about 60 Euros to about 150 Euros.

The software of open code can be (without trying to be exhaustive): Oscommerce: It is used software more until the moment. Also because it is on that more developments have become. Reason why much information of support exists. In addition, it has many contributions of modules of programs that allow to add more functionalities you your blog. Software had remained something obsolete, but now it seems that it returns with designs and more modern benefits. Magento: It is characterized by simplicity in navigation (usabilidad), simplicity of code and by the good design of its user interface. Prestashop: As far as design it is far beyond Oscommerce, although this one can be modified to have a very professional design. Its community of developer is very small.

Hardly there are developed modules, is less economic. Virtuemart: He is plugin for the platform of Joomla (manager of contents). It does of your Web in Joomla, a store online. To day of today they have unloaded more of a million and average one of times. E-commerce plugin: He is plugin for wordpress that allows to create a store online from the platform of wordpress. It allows that the platform of WordPress seems a Web type CSS and with very attractive designs. All have their pros and their cons. If it had to choose one, I would have left with the software of oscommerce because he is the one that has worked more. The design can improve with a good group. The author takes to time making virtual stores for his clients. He offers his ample experience to the others so that they can create store virtual with little effort. Before this information was reserved a few, now it is sold with virtual stores is much more clearly.