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Register Short SMS Numbers

Today I want to talk about service that provides services on a short SMS number. To date, this is the most convenient way to pay for the goods. Not everyone has Webmoney wallet, but almost everyone has a mobile phone. So way, close the page with the product from visitors sms lock and visitor only after sending a SMS to short number can gain access to the goods or the closed portion of the site. Personally, I'm in this system earn about $ 3000 monthly. What is this service I liked more than others. They do not require any documents (scans of passport, etc.), statistics are displayed on-line immediately after sending the sms client in a private office. Rental rates are absolutely free to all comers.

Excellent support service, most importantly fast. Rates can choose for yourself. Scatter rates from 15 cents to $ 10. And with the $ 10 you get $ 6 into your account. For even more opinions, read materials from Peter Asaro . Few companies that offer such a reward partner. Program Description: Affiliate program to promote mobile entertainment services, services, and mobile content to subscribers of cellular networks in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan. Promoted products: Mobile content: games, pictures, ringtones, screensavers, video tones, etc., mobile services: the organization of practical jokes, quizzes, golosovaniyarenda short sms-rooms, the organization of corporate sms-mailing Membership options: Organization of on-line store.

You can add an extra partition on an existing, or create a new site for the sale of mobile content. There are several ways to get data: ready-made scripts written in PHP Connection shop by iFrame Furthermore, it is possible to create a wap-shop on your own site using the provided examples. For the organization of wap-shop did not even need scripting support, and database hosting. Attracting new partners. You can be involved in the program for new partners and will receive 10% of the income of each of the involved parties. Affiliate program offers a variety of promotional materials for placement on your site. Website promotion company. If you do not want to create your own shop selling mobile content, you can move existing sites. Reward in this case is exactly the same as for one's own store. Award: for the sale of each unit of mobile content – 25% depending on the content type and monthly volume prodazhza organization quizzes – from 13% to 48% depending on the the cost of participation in a quiz and a monthly volume prodazhza service organization polls and SMS-billing – from 33% to 61% depending on the value of participation in service and monthly sales Payments: Payments are made through system WebMoney. For legal entities can pay via bank transfer. The minimum payment amount of EUR 50 payments are made monthly, up to 15 numbers for the previous month. Register your short code directly When you register now, enter the affiliate code rusarticles.com and you will receive 5 euros on your account.

Laws Of Building A Business Online

In the world of internet business there are many ways how to earn dengi.Naprimer: affiliate programs, network marketing, blogging, creating and selling infoproduktov.No for any kind of successful development of profitable business There are laws that can not be neglected. These laws, I withdrew during their practice. And now they want to share with you. 1. Law niches.

You need to choose a niche (topic) in which you understand. 2. Law expert. If any topic you do not, you can become an expert in any field. And it's not so difficult. Enough to read a few books on a particular topic, visit the 2.1 training, has written several articles on the topic, with followed by placing them on the niche sites. But here it is important that your article was imposed review more knowledgeable people in this area. And believe me, you already know 80% more on the subject, in comparison with others.

Congratulations! You – expert. This is necessary for people to trust you, have expressed sympathy to you. In the Internet business for almost all operations are built on trust. 3. The law should be. The internet is vast. You yourself know that the Internet can be found bald trait. So, now we have to work on, so people find you. The more the Internet "heritage", the faster you will find. How to apply in practice: to post information about yourself, your business on social sites niche sites, become regular readers of blogs of interest to you. In short, make friends in the virtual world. 4. Law of the strategic center. You just need a center, which would lead all the tracks on your "footprints". AND practice shows that such a center is well done blog. 5. Act context. You have created a blog. What is it filled? For a successful profitable business, do not write that like it, but that you expect from your subscribers. In my opinion, this is the most important moments in the construction business. Follow the law and your business will become truly profitable.