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The Ability

And it is more difficult that a corrupt person can be truly happy. Another consequence of the soaring power is anxiety. A person that there are no limits on what they can achieve becomes unstable. You don’t know what to do, he begins to wish absurdities. It acquires goods and services by pure whim trying to calm an inner discontent that cannot find solution. It reaches the point of experiencing a strong spiritual vacuum difficult to control. There are also undesirable repercussions in terms of their personal development.

Often seen in history who have been most prominent men. They usually started with nothing. They built their lives with their own hands and pure sweat. And why they developed extraordinary capabilities. But same happens not with those who are born having everything. They don’t ever feel the need to fight and his personality is often quite short range.

You can also tell about the level of mental health of someone a lot of money. Having many economic resources gives the person many things to lose. And when that happens they appear and increase fears that did not exist. Appears the fear of poverty and lose privileges or not to be competitive, etc. In the same way appear certain obsessions that undermine mental well-being. It strives to compete with others who also have. The dream is lost in the overwhelming desire of having more and more. You can not live quiet if there is the best. And having all luxury car latest model becomes important. At the same time, and although it may seem paradoxical; the ability to assess most of the stuff is lost. Everything it despises and therefore also reduces the possibility of being in accordance with what you have. I.e. the possibility of someday being happy is away. It is completely fair and logical aspire to improve economically. But you never do with the delusion that money will guarantee you happiness.