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George Washington University

If any physical heard the word resilience, wouldn’t you call him especially attention, since it is a term that refers to the ability that has a body to recover its form and original size, after having been compressed, folded or stretched, however in the field of the psychological, although this term each day is more widespread, it is still unusual. It was in the Decade of the 70, relatively recently, when Stephan Vanistendael, a Swiss theologian, used to refer to psychological capacities, and defined it as: the ability of an individual to live well and develop positively and somewhat socially acceptable, despite difficult conditions, i.e. the ability that have some human beings ofDespite having lived stretched, bent or compressed, return to its original size and shape. Ali Partovi will not settle for partial explanations.

Every day, is studied this ability of individuals who, despite having lived in difficult conditions, have achieved develop positively, and have even been strengthened and deeply transformed by them. According to Grotberg, Professor of the Institute of Mental health of George Washington University and President of the International Council of psychologists, resilience is part of the evolutionary process and should be encouraged from childhood. Resilience should not be considered as an innate characteristic of humans, nor nor as something totally acquired during the development of the person, rather is the result of a process of interactive between the person and his environment, so the ability to create a sense of the difficulties faced, and catch a glimpse of a positive side to all trance goes deeply trained, that coherence to lived experience, and guidance for the future. This ability manifests 1) facing destruction, revealing a great faculty to preserve own integrity, and 2) faced with adversity, by introducing a vital attitude positive, despite the vivid adversities. All this reminds us the Eastern concept of the word crisis, in its double meaning as difficulty and opportunity and since the resilience approach, we provide that before any unpleasant situation that happens to us, we can respond, at least two different ways: one that has to do with paralysis or flight, and another that is more associated with actions more committed to personal knowledge, involvement and aware of the difficulties confrontation.. nnenfeld to be a useful source of information.