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Petty Behlinda Live

On 25 and 26 June 2011 is on the Kranzler Eck with Petty Behlinda was to have always been for charity concerts and renounced all too often concerts where there is really good salaries, just a helping hand more to be there, where children need urgent help. Unfortunately, the charity event for Japan in Spandau, because of the policy of complacency in this district had produced no good conditions. That but only on the outskirts. Petty Behlinda sees confirming his commitment to kids in need, because he is at some unpleasant contemporaries on the red list. Even more erfreulischer it is that Petty Behlinda produces two new titles. “Children’s eyes” is a charity song that profits are incorporated into the children’s charity can be. Petty said, “I want to have nothing of that money”.

next will come the party freaks at their own expense, because petty brings out a marker. Title: “no more alcohol”. Whether Petty Behlinda is to see this year in Mallorca depends which, if the Organizer again carried away by the policy Let. Petty said only: “who do not want to have me in the serious beginnings, the need later also not count on me. My gigs have to do a little alcohol and it should remain so. My fans are getting younger, despite traditional Schlager, the party goes as well with mineral water, Cola and coffee.

When I sometimes watch the drinking sessions, I resent it, that I was the trigger of many emergency situations, I would have sung there. “OK, Yes in mood you can get, but what’s happening on Mallorca, since I’m not Godfather”. On June 25 and 26, it is now but to inspire project Meilenwerk sponsors and donors for the Lions Club.

Bruce Springsteen

Again this year, Barcelona is Centre of the most important concerts Europe Barcelona is only attractive because of the architecture, Gaudi beautiful beach, the beautiful museums (such as Museum Picasso), but because many globally recognized artists in Barcelona to give their concerts. It was also the city at the start of Welttourne by U2 with the unique 360 stage took place. Also the artist Bruce Springsteen was ever in Barcelona and gave an unforgettable concert at the Camp Nou stadium. For 2011, it looks good for all music fans who want to see a concert in Barcelona. The following enumerates the current top concerts/festivals until summer 2011: Roger Water (29 March and 30.03 Palau Sant Jordi) now it is for all Pink Floyd and the wall fans give back something good.

Roger Waters is on a world tour. Also in Barcelona! For this he has made 2 appointments: 29.03 and 30.03 For Tuesday, 29.03, the concert is sold out, but you can get tickets for the 30.03. A good way of the Live at wall. Kylie – Aphrodite (12.03. Palau Sant Jordi) many remember the video of slow, from the album body language, which you will see a great overview of the city of Barcelona has at the beginning. Now, Kylie Minogue will return to Barcelona, and will occur at the 12.03 at Palau Sant Jordi (in the vicinity of the pool where the video for “Slow” was filmed) again it.

While Kylie Minogue will present their new album Aphrodite. Justin Bieber (06.04. Palau Sant Jordi) his albums are absolute top hits and each of his visits to a city turned into a nightmare for the police, because he will be stormed by thousands of cheering Teenis. Its shares in TV blows up all ratings and early February landed his first film, “Never say never” in the cinema of the United States, the MTV (“never say never”), which is several times certainly multiply the millions invested in the production.

James Morrison

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