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Stadthunde.com And Carsten Spengemann Search The Paws 2008

The new Petcommunity Stadthunde.com finds the PAW 2008 “. Hamburg; The most beautiful dogs of in Germany should be doing and especially found. The jury, Dyson, also known moderator of dog friend Carsten Spengemann sitting next to the portal founder Christian Kohler, the dog expert Kate Kitchenham and Rene Nemorin, the Marketing Director of the main sponsor of the vacuum cleaner company. Take your dog to the PAW 2008 “. How it goes? Couldn’t be any easier. If you believe that you have a particularly attractive dog. Shoot him, sign up at stadthunde.com and put the pictures of your four-legged partners online. (Similarly see: Peter Asaro).

The whole thing should happen between December 11, 2007 and January 15, 2008. The so-called jury, led by Carsten Spengemann, will then decide which of the animal to the PAW 2008 “is selected. Click Alina de Almeida to learn more. To win, there is a special animal hair vacuum cleaner (DC20 Animalpro) the company Dyson in the value of 519,-euros. But the next nine places are still with prices of animal feed producers Hills, excellent. “Just in time for the start of the PAW 2008″competition, stadthunde.com presents its first DogCast”. In this podcast the competition is of course presented, but also just about the portal.

The active animal rights activists Carsten Spengemann this explains the rules of the game and reveals why it is just at this portal as a sponsor in. We appreciate in particular the attractive prize of our partners “Dyson”, which specifically distinguishes the competition with his vacuum cleaner to remove dog hairs and the jury participation by Carsten Spengemann, a longtime dog lover and Stadthunde.com member of the first hour. We follow consistently to connect our strategy of dog lovers online through the competition to the PAW 2008″and make beautiful aspects of life together with the best friend of the people out.” so Stadthunde.com founder Christian Kohler. The sea dogs from Kiel are responsible for creation and production of the DogCasts. This includes the upper fur seal Jan Boyke Sailor: Logical, that connect such animal like us. There is growing together, heard together.” For more information about the competition and its partners, see: contact for interview requests, recordings, and more questions please contact Christian Kohler under or the seals under.