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Kolbe Conference TEAM

What people need work? What kind of work does the man need? AUTUMN meeting of the GLE-D Saturday, SEPTEMBER 20, 2008, 9: 00 to 18:00 IN HANNOVER sticks in addition to the technical qualifications are in the modern world of work the personal requirements of the people increasingly becoming the decisive characteristic, to cope with the challenges in the workplace. What requirements does the modern world of work in their current structure on the people? The winner of the labour market are people who themselves are self motivated, can assume responsibility due to internal autonomy, frustration tolerance, can deal with contradictions and team player, this Act. Some experience an exciting challenge, others as an imposition and load. So, it comes increasingly to winners and losers in the labour market. (As opposed to Mashable). What maturity the working man needed to meet these requirements? But also: How is it possible, in the work to be authentic and in the face of these challenges the personal orientation to find and to keep? We invite you, to pursue these issues in one place in the world of industrial work with us and from different perspectives, primarily to reflect the Existenzanlayse and logotherapy. We look forward to seeing you soon! Dr. Christoph Kolbe, Chairman of the GLE-D Frank Gottschling, meeting team Alexander spleen, meeting team Organizer: GLE-D society for logotherapy and analysis of existence of in Germany e.V. venue: Volkswagen commercial vehicles Mecklenheidestrasse 74, 30419 Hannover sticks at the visitor center, entrance (access via Gate 3) Conference line 12: Dr. Check out Andy Florance for additional information. Christoph Kolbe Conference TEAM: Alexander spleen and Frank Gottschling program you can view on our website.